* Alison and Sasha


photographer: Emilie
accommodations: Saltwater Farm Martinsville, Maine
ceremony: St. George's Chapel Long Cove, Maine
dinner: private residence Tenants Harbor, Maine
caterer: Karen Ruth Trillium Caterers
tent: Sperry Tents
dancing: Ocean View Grange Tenants Harbor, Maine
florist: mom & sisters
band: not a formal band, just a group of guys who like to play together
cake: Trillium Caterers
gown: Alice Temperley
make-up: Rheal Day Spa Rockland, Maine
invitations: Starshaped Press

Alison is an interior designer. Sasha is an astronomer. At one point in the afternoon, I exclaimed out loud: I am in love with your wedding!! Read Alison's description of her wedding from her initial inquiry form and you'll know exactly why:

I grew up spending half of every year in Maine with my dad, and my fiance Sasha and I have spent lots of time there over our eight years together. Simply put, Maine is our favorite spot on earth. We especially love the less-developed rural parts of the midcoast region where the landscape is embedded with so much history. The area around the St. George Peninsula where we'll be married was originally settled by English, Scottish and Scandinavian immigrants and that just happens to reflect my fiance's & my ethnic heritage. As an interior designer based in New York, I've loved seeing the revival of Scandinavian-inspired fabrics that have swept through the design community in the last few years. The look of our wedding is going to be inspired by the design traditions of our ancestors--Scandinavian folk embroideries meets Liberty of London meets Marimekko. The ceremony will be held in a tiny shingled cottage in the woods, the reception will be in a field overlooking the ocean, followed by a wedding dance at the wonderful Ocean View Grange. For our food, we're hoping to emphasize seasonal, locally grown ingredients, with masses of farmer's market and farm grown flowers. If we're fortunate enough to have good weather, we may cap off the evening with stargazing with a telescope set up outside, courtesy of my fiance, who is an Astronomer & Astrophysicist.

So the foggy day didn't allow for any stargazing, but everything else came to beautiful fruition on their wedding day as Alison had hoped. I adored her attention to detail and the variety of locations provided an amazing experience for their guests and a visual Candy Land (as I gushed via Twitter at the wedding) for me!

How they met, in Alison's words:
Sash and I met through mutual friends in New York in 2001. Sasha was sitting on my couch (he was an old college friend of my roommate) watching "Moonstruck" the first time I saw him, which seems pretty appropriate for an astrophysicist. I fell head over heels for him pretty quickly. We've had 8 blissfully happy years every since!

Together with their families, they spent the week at Saltwater Farm, appropriately situated on Mosquito Head Road.

How precious is their event map?

This was an all-hands on deck wedding, with everyone pitching in from flowers to hair.

Elegant Alison.

Sweet Sasha.

An emotional hello before the ceremony. I cried, too.

The ceremony was held at the smallest, most adorable chapel I've seen in Maine. Their service was taken from a prayer book from the 1700s. Her mom sewed the ring pillow.

Alison gave Sasha's hand a quick squeeze while her father, an accomplished folk singer, treated their guests to a sing-a-long tune.


Congratulations from their moms.

Alison's request for her ideal photo of the day? I would love to have a beautiful unposed picture of Sasha and I, not looking at the camera, absorbed in the moment, ideally surrounded by the beautiful landscape or beautiful light. We have several! The fog, tho present, lifted a tad to reveal a warm bit of light for a moment. As we left for the reception, it was gone.

And another: I was initially attracted to emilie inc from one gorgeous photo in particular: the picture of the bride in a field at Laudholm Farm with her lace veil blowing behind her. That's how I want to feel on my wedding day. I'm sure 2007 bride Stefanie can feel your joy in this moment, Alison!

Alison's father wore a fantastic straw hat and seersucker suit.

Dinner was under a tent in the field of a friend's house on the water (which, unfortunately, we never saw because of the fog).

Sweet toast emotion. Again, I cried.

After dinner, guests mozied across the street to an old Grange Hall for bluegrass and dancing. It felt as tho we walked back in time and I loved every minute of it.

I could go on and on but I think that's enough to convince you that you should take a moment and peruse their album design below to see more tasty details of the day.

Alison and Sasha, I was crazy about you two before your wedding and am even more of a fan since having witnessed all the love you poured into planning and sharing your day with those closest to you. I feel lucky to have been there to capture it and am so grateful you entrusted me for the important job. Alison, your mom pulled me aside as I was leaving and told me that your sister Ellen said that having me there was like having a friend along and she wishes we could have just hung out. I feel exactly the same way. Please let me know when you're in Maine again! I'm going to need a fix. Meantime, best wishes on your new journey in California!


  1. Stefanie Crystal8:53 AM

    Awwww....as the 2007 bride in the field, I do share your joy, and I am so touched that my own favorite photo helped you know that Emilie was just the photographer for you. Congratulations Alison and Sasha!

  2. What a fantastic album. Great job!

  3. Something about this wedding gives me warm fuzzy s. Amazing photos!


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