* Saltwater Farm wedding


photographer: Emilie
accommodations: Saltwater Farm Martinsville, Maine
ceremony: St. George's Chapel Long Cove, Maine
dinner: private residence Tenants Harbor, Maine
caterer: Karen Ruth Trillium Caterers
tent: Sperry Tents
dancing: Ocean View Grange Tenants Harbor, Maine
florist: mom & sisters
band: not a formal band, just a group of guys who like to play together
cake: Trillium Caterersgown: Alice Temperley
make-up: Rheal Day Spa Rockland, Maine
invitations: Starshaped Press

(The description of this wedding has been removed per request of the couple).

Together with their families, they spent the week at Saltwater Farm, appropriately situated on Mosquito Head Road.

How precious is their event map?

This was an all-hands on deck wedding, with everyone pitching in from flowers to hair.

An emotional hello before the ceremony. I cried, too.

The ceremony was held at the smallest, most adorable chapel I've seen in Maine. Their service was taken from a prayer book from the 1700s. Her mom sewed the ring pillow.


Congratulations from their moms.

And another: I was initially attracted to emilie inc from one gorgeous photo in particular: the picture of the bride in a field at Laudholm Farm with her lace veil blowing behind her. That's how I want to feel on my wedding day.

Dinner was under a tent in the field of a friend's house on the water (which, unfortunately, we never saw because of the fog).

Sweet toast emotion. Again, I cried.

After dinner, guests mozied across the street to an old Grange Hall for bluegrass and dancing. It felt as tho we walked back in time and I loved every minute of it.


  1. Stefanie Crystal8:53 AM

    Awwww....as the 2007 bride in the field, I do share your joy, and I am so touched that my own favorite photo helped you know that Emilie was just the photographer for you. Congratulations Alison and Sasha!

  2. What a fantastic album. Great job!

  3. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Something about this wedding gives me warm fuzzy s. Amazing photos!


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