* Christine and Jon


photographers: Emilie, Whitney and Christina
venue: Whitney's Inn Jackson NH
officiant: Rev. Mary E. Powers
flowers: Kate Parker Weddings
tent: Sperry Tents
dj: Ryan Parker
cake: Sugarmaker Bakery Glen, NH
hair/make-up: Debony Hair Salon Jackson, NH
gown: Bridal Galleria San Diego, CA
invitations: Oblation Papers & Press at Arthur Printing Cape Coral, FL
honeymoon: Vinalhaven, Maine

August 4th was a Tuesday. Yup, a Tuesday.

When you hear Tuesday wedding, I'm sure your imagination conjures up all sorts of imagery... back yard bbq? Shotgun ceremony? Neither. This was a fantastically classy wedding, with an enthusiastic guest list that put some of my comparatively less non-traditional Friday or Sunday weddings to shame. Christine and Jon, both pilots from Florida, met while working for American Eagle Airlines and simply decided to have their wedding on the exact date of their first date, two years prior.

Their second date was actually in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and so seemed the ideal setting for their wedding. They chose Whitney's Inn in Jackson (which, yes, did get a tad humorous as associate Whitney was photographing with me that day), and didn't skimp on any of the details that made for a most beautiful lawn ceremony and tented reception. Whitney's is owned by the super kind Don Bilger, who also owns the Inn at Jackson, my favorite place to spend New Year's Eve.

Although I often don't meet my out of town clients until their actual wedding day, Christine and Jon can hop a plane without much hassle. They popped up to Portland for their beach engagement session in May, an excellent introduction and fun first meeting. It was so good to see them again last week in Jackson, and rumor has it that they hope to one day own a home in the area. Lucky me!

On to their images!

The Shovel Handle Pub is the cutest apres-ski spot in town, at the base of Black Mountain adjoining the inn.

Do you do a double-take to see wedding events listed on the Tuesday schedule? I did. All day.

Jon awaits his first look at Christine.

The ceremony was held on the inn's front lawn.

For her bachelorette party, all of the women went to 1544 Lill Studio in Boston and made handbags.

One of Christine's toughest decisions was about her tent. She consulted me on several occasions about whether or not she should splurge for a Sperry and I'm so happy she did. Their tents are as much a player in outdoor weddings as the Best Man. Ok, maybe not that much but you get the point. If you don't, I'm going to show you.

One of my favorite parts of outdoor weddings is tracking the change in the light throughout the day. Doing so with a tent is an easy, visual way for your viewers to know the progression of events when viewing your images as the light literally glows through Sperry's sailcloth beauties.

Below, before the reception starts.

During dinner service.

Post-dinner mingling.

Late night dancing.

Check out the whole day in their slideshow:

And see how we piece it together in a fantastic finished product, a 10x10 flush album:

Congratulations, Christine and Jon! You and your families should be so pleased with the beautiful reflection of YOU that you treated us all to. Loved every minute! xo

Special thanks to the talents of emilie inc. associate Whitney and designer Christina (and soon-to-be regular second shooter, perhaps?!) for joining me on this fun mid-week adventure into the mountains. I really enjoyed the company, and love the images we created from not one, not two, but three (!) angles!

Christine's reaction:

Hi Emilie!

Thanks for sending this email to let us know the pictures are ready! I am just getting my first chance to really look at them, as I was working through the weekend, and all we can say is YIPPEE! WE LOVE THEM:-)!! My mom called me on Friday after she looked at them, and I have listened to the message over and over again because I wanted to be able to tell you exactly what she said as she cried - "Well, I am on picture 549 of 1633, they are absolutely breathtaking, she did a beautiful job, thank you, thank you, thank you, Emilie, for capturing every second!" Sweet, huh? We have received rave reviews from everyone who looked at them! I never expected to have so many to choose from - it is wonderful!

Thank you, Emilie - my friendship with you and your support throughout this wedding and planning process has really been a source of inspiration for me, so I thank you deeply. You are truly a unique individual whose enthusiasm for life is contagious!

Christine (and Jon too!)


  1. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Hello Emilie

    Thank you for the absolutely beautiful job you did on Christine and Jon's wedding. Your work is so artistic and amazing. They certainly chose the correct photographer.

    Anne Hamilton

  2. LOVE the nailpolish shot! (oh and all the rest, of course!)


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