* Faith and Carl


photographers: Emilie and J
venue: Bar Harbor Inn Bar Harbor, Maine
caterer: Bar Harbor Inn
florist: Queen Anne's Flower Shop Bar Harbor, Maine
cake: Bar Harbor Inn
hair: Bar Harbor Inn Spa
make-up: friend Tracy Kelleher
gown: Chryssie's Bridal Canton, MA
favor: schooner Margaret Todd

Carl found me on Facebook. Sorta. Our mutual friend Pete is a friend of mine from college and a former work colleague of Carl's. Pete befriended me, saw my work, and recommended me to his buddy when he was having trouble securing a photographer. Sweet. Social networking does have its rewards.

How they met, in their own words:
We met primarily through mutual friends, moving in and out of each other's lives for a couple of years before we actually started dating. Oddly enough, the beginnings of a serious relationship started when Carl was living in California and we started instant messaging at work. When he moved back east, our mutual love of music brought us together teaching a drum and bugle corps, Faith teaching dance, Carl teaching drill. The pull was inevitable, and soon enough we faced our first real test as a couple: backpacking across Europe for two and a half months. We'd only been dating about three months when we started our trip, and we knew that it would either make us or break us. Luckily it didn't break us, and the things we experienced and the challenges we faced together ultimately formed the backbone of our relationship. It also initiated a love of travel for both of us, and our passion for other cultures and new places continues to drive us today.

This wedding had more than a few "wedding firsts" for me as a photographer.
- 27 people in the bridal party!
- groomsmen in white tuxes
- all the guests names printed in the ceremony program
- choreographed processional
- sword cake cutting
- surprise wedding favor for guests: sunset schooner cruise

So how did this Massachusetts couple come to host a Friday morning wedding in Maine?

Faith is from Western Mass, in the Berkshire Hills, and mountains have always held a special significance for her. Carl grew up in the Boston area, summering every year on Cape Cod, and the ocean has always inspired him. Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island is a natural combination of these elements; a perfect balance where the mountains meet the sea. So although there is no specific historical or traditional significance here for us (yet), the stunning natural beauty drew us here and this special juxtaposition is what's bringing us back.

On to the photos...

Faith and Carl had the most elaborate schedule ever. This was page 1, a pretty color-coded graph of where folks needed to be. It was absolutely necessary for such a large bridal party to be organized and on time.

Faith and her maids readied in the two-story bridal suite.

A friend set up near the balcony to apply Faith's make-up. The inn is perched on the water's edge but unfortunately the beautiful vista was blanked in fog this day. Thankfully, there was no rain!

As I mentioned, Carl and his men wore white tuxes.

Speaking of his men, here they *all* are, bow ties slack and with a glass of scotch (or apple juice!) pre-ceremony.

Waiting for this highly anticipated processional to start, I was momentarily paralyzed by the absence of Faith's mom, who has passed, and the simple arrangement of blossoms on the chair where she should have been seated (on the other chairs, rocks hold down programs for the rest of Faith's family). :(

Ok. So when I said choreographed procession, I should have said production. Carl, who choreographs college marching bands, impressed their guests with moving music and timed steps for the bridal party. And Carl's entrance? He ran!

Faith and the flower girls, her nieces, await their entrance.

So the diagram on the right details where the bridal party is positioned for the ceremony on the left. The bridesmaids wore green, blue or yellow dresses, which is also noted.

I think I assumed a similar position when I was a flower girl for the first time. :)


I love how attentive grooms are to their bride's dress, as if she's toting around an extra, very fragile, appendage.

Another first. Gawking guests heckled Faith and Carl to take photos on historic stationary canons. They obliged.

Even tho this was a morning wedding, and a daytime "dinner," Faith and Carl included most of the typical wedding day traditions. They had a first dance...

A father daughter dance...

And a sword cake cutting?! A gift from the four best men, Carl and Faith decided to put their new token to use. Their cake flavor was carrot, with Maine blueberries and cream cheese frosting. Yum!!

And they surprised their guests with an experience in lieu of favors. They continued the celebrating on board the Margaret Todd, a stunning 4-masted schooner, for a "sunset" cruise. Tho there was no sun and instead a lot of fog and mist, guests were thrilled with the opportunity. Some changed into more comfortable clothing and then all hopped aboard.

Deckhands used guests to help raise the sails.

With more than 200 weddings under my belt, I still adore watching grooms play with their new hardware.

Take a peek at their 10x10 flush album design below:

Carl and Faith, it was wonderful to work with you and an extra-special treat to reconnect with our friend Pete after not having seen him in almost 10 years! Thank you for welcoming us so warmly at your fun wedding! And thank you, thank you for the surprise gift certificate to one of our favorite eateries, Fore Street!


  1. Anonymous9:36 AM

    I was a guest at the wedding and just wanted to let you know how beautifully your photos turned out. You really captured the spirit of the whole event.

  2. Hi FAITH & Carl,

    Mom & I just saw the first photos! the whole day was such a whirl of creativity & light! Seeing these beautiful shots< & how perfectly they captured your love! wow!! we are impressed & amazed!!!

    much love<

    your Gilmore family!!


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