Roots student portfolio: Andree Kehn


I met Maine wedding photographer Andree Kehn several years ago during one of the local women wedding photographers networking luncheons I host. She has crazy fun energy. She attended Roots Workshop hoping to harness this energy and channel it into being a more thoughtfully focused photographer.

Paired with team leader Greg Gibson, Andree was assigned to cover Woodsong Farm, a beautiful horse stable that runs a daily camp for kids during the summer. Greg and mentor Rachel Niesen encouraged Andree to slow down and "work a scene" (a popular workshop mantra, altered to "Wirk a scene," mimicking team leader Tyler Wirken's last name).

Watching Andree describe the week's process and progress at our final night slideshow presentation was evidence of a transformation in itself. She stood before all of us, fidgeting and moving her body about as she explained why she came to Roots and what she hoped to learn. As she continued, and talked of the experience at the farm, she literally slowed her body's movement and pace to a calm, soothing stance. It was very cool. Her images? Peaceful, and graphically pondered and captured. Success!

Andree's awesome feedback:
I thank you again, deeply. This experience has really been more than I expected. I am really making some headway, and still churning over a lot of the words spoken that week.

Take a peek for yourself below:

Roots Workshhop: Andree Kehn at Woodsong Farm from emilie sommer on Vimeo.

Andree was the lucky recipient of our Facebook fan page contest, receiving $500 off her tuition thanks to workshop sponsors News Wedding Photographers, an online directory of wedding photojournalists, and 6 months free of Shoot Q, a fantastic online studio booking and management software system. Congrats!!


  1. Thanks Emilie!

    For the record,the time at Roots was only the third time I've ever used that fish-eye!

    I do love the regular wide angle, and since Roots have now also been enjoying the longer lenses.

    All the words spoken at Roots are running through my head. Work the scene, work the scene.

    There are some other things I'm struggling with too, in a good way, form the experience with Roots.

    It certainly was the best photography learning experience I've been to in YEARS!!

    Thank you!

  2. Great work! My fave is the leg shot in the stables.


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