Roots student portfolio: Rob Brown


British Rob, as he is known via Twitter (@britishrob), is in limbo (and no, not like the game we actually played on our Thursday night Roots celebration party) considering a move from part-time to full-time photographer. He wrote me a few weeks before Roots Workshop expressing uncertainty for a future in wedding photography feeling a pinch from a saturated market in Boston.

His post-workshop outlook:
I was feeling very dismayed by the meat-factory nature of the wedding industry, especially here in Boston, but this workshop really made me think again. Having an incredibly talented pool of tutors and mentors right there with us throughout the week was definitely the clinching factor for me. So many other workshops only have one or two staff, but the hands-on nature of this workshop with so many tutors was certainly the clincher for me. They were there when you needed them, provided honest, solid (and no-holds-barred) feedback, provided good humour, and their passion for what they do was infectious. I went in wanting to learn as much as possible and tried to drop as many habits as I could. I've come away with a huge amount of knowledge, skills and much better focus on how to tell a visual story.

Rob is a Boston transplant from across the pond. Love brought him to the States a few years ago, and he and his wife are now eagerly expecting their first child. He learned about the workshop through fellow Boston Roots alums Shyla and Eric. All of our correspondence was done over email and I thoroughly enjoyed receiving messages like "The cheque is in the post," and other fantastic British phrases that brought me back to my college days studying in London. So imagine the fun we all had to be in Rob's presence. It didn't really matter what he was saying, we were listening.

I'd be remiss if I didn't also mention Rob's love for technology. Rob is very much a gear-head in the most respectable sense of the term. He was an instrumental resource in my recent computer upgrades, and at the workshop he graciously helped students clean sensors, calibrate laptops and projectors and talk shop without ever being asked.

The staff chose to send Rob to a YMCA camp for his assignment to photograph the daily goings-on of an active summer camp. You know, typical camp swimming, sports, and general chaos. The challenge here was to quiet the noise at a very busy place and tell a simple story. Rob listened to his mentors and excelled brilliantly.

Take a peek (and thanks again to sponsor Triple Scoop Music for the song):

Roots Workshop: Rob Brown at YMCA Camp Lyndon from emilie sommer on Vimeo.


  1. British Rob! I loved having him on my team and he taught me the proper way to say bullocks along with some other important lessons about camera gear and technology!
    YAY for BritishRob!

  2. Great work Rob! It was terrific to meet you and to spend some time on the Cape with you...looking forward to meeting up again soon.

  3. Thanks guys!

    So glad we got your pronunciation sorted Audra! I'm working on the Revere accent...

  4. Great work! It brought me right back to my days of summer camp.... love the shot of the camper looking up at the counselor with the "friendship" bracelet and the girl jumping in. The three girls with the arms around each other made me miss my camp friends all over again!!


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