Roots student portfolio: Roxanne Bedard


Roxanne Bedard has been photographing weddings in Maine for 15 years (!) and the Roots Workshop was the first bit of formal instruction she's ever received. That's right, she's a 100% self-taught photographer. She's obviously been doing plenty right to sustain all these years, but feeling 'stuck' Roxanne decided to put herself out on a limb and see how the instructors at Roots might push her a step above. This takes serious cajones, folks, as Roxanne put the "teach an old dog new tricks" theory to the test (not calling Roxanne 'old' or a 'dog,' of course). I can't imagine undoing 15 years of anything, let alone the one thing she knows best. But she came with an open mind and an amazing attitude, and soaked up every last bit of the week's lessons like a thirsty sponge.

Roxanne was assigned to cover Cape Cod's Monomoy Theatre, one of the country's oldest summer theatres. Rehearsing and performing two separate plays each day, the actors are college students from Ohio University on summer break who take up residence at this historic Chatham playhouse. Given free reign to roam the grounds, Roxanne captured the daily life of this busy place and its challenging lighting situations.

How was the week for Roxanne? Her thoughts, in her own words:

Processing so much about the week...technically, emotionally, perceptively, personally...but all good...very good. Scary, but good... The mixture of personalities, the house, the levels of experience, the curiosity and bottom line, the souls of all those involved, are what made it such a magical place. I am forever thankful for my new friends, wonderful amazing people, and for this place and time that have left a major mark in my life. In fact it was not only a place I began a new journey in my professional life and photojournalism skills, but one where I began a new personal journey in my is a place of new beginnings for me. I had been through a major personal tragedy just weeks before going to Roots. I decided to still go as I had signed up before the incident...and it was a major part of my process of healing. From the bottom of my heart, I want you to know how much I appreciate all of the effort you have made to make this happen. I am forever changed for this experience, as a person, as well as a photographer. If I can come again next year, I just might... :)

So proud of Roxanne's progress and her strength. We all fell in love with Roxanne's courage and I will never forget her proclaiming her new "Roxanne 2.0" status at our Thursday night celebration slideshows. You rocked it, Rox!

Roots Workshop: Roxanne Bedard at Monomoy Theatre from emilie sommer on Vimeo.

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  1. Love these is making me relive the week on the Cape! Roxanne 2.0 was one of the highlights :)


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