Roots student testimonials video


Roots Workshop student testimonials 2009 from emilie sommer on Vimeo.

A huge thanks to Roots Workshop photographer Eric Laurits and emilie inc. multimedia producer Morgan Kirkham for putting together this testimonial video from a few of this year's student interviews.

For more information on the workshop, please bookmark, our new dedicated blog! If you take a spin over, you'll notice some important dates...

And so, without further ado, please mark your calendars for September 15th at 9a, and pass the word that Roots '10 registration will be open to accept students for next summer! That's right, Roots returns to the Cape July 18-23rd for our third year!! Visit the newly redesigned workshop website for more information and please email me with any questions! Can't wait!


  1. I want to walk around every tradeshow with a big sandwich board attached to my shoulders that says "GO TO ROOTS! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE"

    ..........ok, maybe I wont go to THAT extreme. I'd hate to be in the same category of those guys who stand on the street corner with those "you are going to HELL" signs. Instead I just emailed a few people this video and threatened our friendship if they don't attend this year. Way more logical. ;]

  2. Excellent job Em - looks great. Thanks again for a wonderful experience.

  3. Great summary!

    Good call Shyla! It worked for me :D

    I just blogged yesterday about my experience. Well worth every ounce of energy, money and time:

  4. stacyt5:38 PM

    i wanna go i wanna go i i wanna go (yes i clicked my ruby slippers three times)

  5. Already looking forward to next year! Everyone at Roots 09 was inspirational in their own right...feel privileged to call you all friends!


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