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As you've noticed, we've been working like dogs at emilie inc. Photographing on the weekends and turning weddings around (editing, toning, album design and blogging) the week following is no easy task, but the hard work is certainly worth the effort. My inbox has been full of sweet sentiments lately from happy brides and grooms, proud moms and dads. I thought I'd share the love with you all!

From Stacey and Rob:
Emilie is everything we wanted in a photographer. Technically, she's superb - the framing, the colors and the emotion captured in our photos was perfect. We wanted mainly candid, natural shots and that's exactly where she excels. She has a way of being everywhere at once without being the least bit intrusive. What truly makes Emilie stand out, though, is that she's a great person - warm, friendly and someone who really takes the time to get to know you. Personally, I think that's why she's able to take pictures that capture the spirit of the event so well. She did an outstanding job at our wedding and I would recommend her without hesitation.

From Emily's mom, of Emily and Zak:
Dear J,
You were such a wonderful part of Emily's wedding day. I deeply appreciate how you allowed us to be ourselves while you went on about your job -- so very seamless and beautifully professional. Keep the Donelan's on your contact list -- there are more to come -- we would never use anyone else.

From Sarah's mom, of Sarah and Hawley:
Hi Emilie,
First, let me say how wonderful it was to meet you, brief as our meeting was. I'd heard so many nice things about you and J and viewed several fabulous photos on your web site that I was anxious to finally meet the couple Sarah and Hawley spoke so highly of.

Second, I am delighted with the friendship that has developed between you and J and Sarah and Hawley. I loved reading about it on your blog and am so impressed by the breath-taking photos you posted with your comments. I forwarded the blog to several family members and friends who cannot stop talking about the gorgeous photos and your creativity.

Finally, all the photos you and J took are absolutely inspiring beyond belief. We are so pleased and grateful that you have documented so beautifully this special day in our lives. I want to frame every single one of them! You captured the essence of their relationship in the photos taken of Sarah and Hawley and the mood of each event of the day so eloquently and with such feeling that we are blown away by your talent. We feel so fortunate to have these gifts - yes, each and every photo is a gift. We love them all and cannot stop looking at them - especially those of Sarah and Hawley alone. Wow - the rocks!! Thank you very much.

If you would ever like a recommendation, or anything at all, we'd be honored to help.

Roz and Barry

From Katie and Patrick:
Hi Emilie,
Wow! The photos are incredible! Whitney was fantastic! We loved
working with her as well- many relatives and friends have mentioned to us how great she was.
Thanks again- we're thrilled with the photos!

From Catherine and Greg:
Dear J,
Catherine and I have wanted to send you an email EVER since the
wedding!... but of course, and happily, we first had a honeymoon away from all internet connections. We're together on a plane now, with Noam, en route to Arkansas. The drinks and peanuts are done, and this finally gives me a chance to write to you.

In a nutshell, we are both SO HAPPY that you were the photographer for
our wedding! And you did Such a wonderful job, in all ways!... you worked tirelessly and with good humor the WHOLE wedding... you were always pleasantly in the background, except at the moments when you needed to exercise some direction to help things along, and except when you provided the needed encouragement to folks like me who find it hard to smile naturally for a camera :)

We were going to write all this BEFORE we saw the wonderful pictures
in the website, but now we're even happier! We, and our families, love the photos that came from your great work. The night after looking through all 800+ photos in slideshow mode, I felt absolutely like I was back in time, at our wedding again. Your photos truly “captured” that wonderful day for us, and we will treasure the fruits of your artistry for the rest of our lives.

I guess that's it for the moment... we just both want to thank you SO
deeply for being our photographer, and to wish you absolutely all the best in your work, and in life too. If you ever need an absolutely glowing recommendation from a happy couple, please don't hesitate to contact us.

With all our warmest regards,
Catherine and Greg

From Kathryn and Chris:
Hi there, Emilie!

What a treat to wake up in Capri this morning to your pictures!!! We were over the moon! I knew I would be impressed but I was totally and completely blown away. Your photos are just amazing: your style, approach, vibe (it is all breathtaking). Thank you so much, Chris + I could not be happier as we looked through every single shot on the Pictage site! We had yet to see any photos from our wedding weekend - now were are sure it actually happened! It felt like a dream world; the entire weekend went by far too quickly and even though we had been warned of this ahead of time it still went by entirely too fast. We even tried to step back at one point to soak it all in off in a corner by ourselves but within seconds we were interrupted so my strategy didn't work too well. There has been so much to process + digest. We were thrilled w/ the way it all came together.

We cannot thank you enough for your ability to capture such a special night for us. I could go on + on about each and every picture and what I liked about it. Bottom line: you totally nailed it! And as we said Friday night we should connect at some point up in Maine. But I know your summer/fall is jam packed. You are such a success so I see why you book so quickly! But Chris + I both agreed we would love for you to photograph our family one day, kids/dogs/whatever!!!! That would be fun.

I am breaking my promise to email/use my blackberry while we are away but I had to write you back and thank you. I cannot wait to look through the pictures again. Thanks again, Emilie and lots of luck to you and J. And congrats again to YOU BOTH on your recent marriage. It's an amazing feeling, right? Chris + I keep saying how happy we are finally being married!
Take Care,

From Nicole and Andrew:
Hi Emilie!
Whitney took fabulous pictures - we're very happy with her! She was the perfect photographer - captured everyone we wanted and had a great relaxed attitude - creative pictures too!
Andy and Nicole

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