* Courtney and Brad, Wentworth Lodge


photographer: Whitney
ceremony: St. Maximilian Kolbe Church Scarborough, ME
officiant: Father Michael Henchel
venue: Wentworth Lodge, Cape Elizabeth, ME
caterer: Leslie Oster Aurora Provisions
florist: Fiachre Portland, ME
dj: friends from college Connor Brogan & Nick Czarniecki
cake: Aurora Provisions
cake topper: Icing on the Cake Bakery Los Gatos, CA
hair: Jen DeLuca
make-up: Kristen Galan
gown: Kleinfeld Bridal, NYC
invitations: Weeks & Reichel Printing Co., Sayville, NY
honeymoon: Aruba

Whitney met Courtney's parents at the studio before we met Courtney and Brad. Typically, pre-booking meetings at the studio are informal, a casual back-and-forth conversation about plans, expectations and browsing of photographs. Courtney's father, however, took this process very seriously and assessed this situation like he might a job interview noting our handshakes, eye contact and gauging the warmth of our personalities as to how we might fit into his daughter's big day. We triumphantly passed, thank goodness, and Whit booked the date for Courtney and Brad's nuptials on Maine's southern coast.

How they met, in Courtney's words:
Brad and I met our junior year of college, fall semester. We began dating in October. I had decided to study abroad in Spain spring semester, which made it very difficult to leave since Brad and I had soon developed a very strong relationship. After a tearful goodbye at the airport, Brad went home with my parents, where over wine, they had decided to surprise me and send Brad to Spain to come and visit while the rest of my family had already planned a trip. His surprise trip to Spain made our relationship even stronger, and helped me with my home-sick filled semester. Once I returned home from Spain, Brad and I spent our summers visiting eachother, in Scarborough, and Bristol, Rhode Island where Brad's family is from. From there, we graduated college together. Brad moved to New York after graduation to join my dad working for ING. We moved to Queens the January after we graduated in 2007. After a year in Queens, we decided to move back home with my parents in order to help save up money for a house after we are married. The rest is history!

Courtney is from Long Island, and her parents have a condo in the Higgins Beach community in Scarborough. This is where the ladies readied.

The men gathered at the Lodge before heading to the church.

This pre-aisle moment can make for some of the most emotional photographs.

Courtney's mother was her matron of honor.

Married, back at the lodge.

Adore the bright reception hues!

As the sun set, the light changed and offered up a spectacular shadow of that cute cake topper.

Check out their 10x10 flush album design below:

Courtney and Brad, you did it!! Thanks so much for choosing to work with emilie inc., and a huge pat on the back to Whit for beautifully photographing your big day. We're both going to miss the interactions with your family, so please be sure to stop in for cupcakes every once in a while when you're in town!


  1. Gorgeous and the cake topper is splendidly wonderful!

  2. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Is the venue Wentworth Lodge, Cape Elizabeth, ME open to the public? I can't see to find the beautiful location!

  3. Hahaha. The wedding toppers are adorable.

  4. Wentworth Lodge is privately owned, yes. You have to have an "in" with the owners or neighbors to be granted access to rent it and host an event there. Stunning location, isn't it?


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