* Diana and Cameron


photographers: Emilie and Shyla
ceremony: First Religious Society Unitarian Church Newburyport, MA
reception: Mission Oak Grill Newburyport, MA
florist: Beach Plum Too Newburyport, MA
dj: Jerry Booth
cupcakes: I Dream of Jeanne Cakes
hair/make-up: Spa Paradiso Newburyport, MA
gown: Abbey Bridal Shoppe Andover, MA
invitations: DIY
guest lodging: The Garrison Inn Newburyport, MA
honeymoon: Costa Rica

Despite Danny's crazy wind and rain on their wedding day, Diana and Cameron beamed from the inside-out. I can only describe their connection as fairy tale love. It's the stuff girls dream of and swoon at in romantic comedy dialogues. These two, however, are the real deal. Together with second shooter (Roots Workshop '08 talent and dear friend) Shyla, we were giddy capturing Di and Cam's interactions- the sweet glances, soft touches and toothy grins- all.day.long. It never got old and infected each and every one of their guests as everyone boasted throughout the day how these two can light up a room. Indeed.

How they met, in their own words:
We met as waiters in a restaurant (Rosa Mexicano) in NYC. Cam moved to NYC in 2004 to go to grad school for graphic design, and Di moved in 2005 to go to nursing school. We started working at Rosa at the same time, and fell for each other instantly... but it took us about 2 months to go on a date. Diana was a little oblivious to Cam's attempts to "woo," so we became friends first. Finally we each realized that the other person was (very) interested, so we went on a impromptu date walking around NYC. We've pretty much been inseparable ever since!

Diana's parents moved to Newburyport a few years ago, and it has become Diana and Cam's retreat from big city living in Manhattan. Cameron even proposed in her folks' loft in Newburyport so this quaint seaside town was the perfect setting for their wedding. 14 months ago, Di found my work by way of a florist's website and inquired about my availability. Tho we didn't meet until her wedding day at the salon (she cried. Too cute!), I have a feeling these two will be in my life for a long, long time.

Mmmm.... love lime green accents!

I spotted this note on the door of her parent's loft. It's a quick list of things not to forget before the ceremony... rings, iPod, flowers, bride. Ha! Love it. It's people without people.

Meanwhile, a few blocks away Cam and his men ready for the main event.

The ceremony was held at an old church (the bell was made by Paul Revere!) adjacent to Di's parent's loft and features soaring tall ceilings, pews with doors (to keep the heat in) and a balcony with an organ.

Wondering if adding a second photographer to your coverage is necessary? This image is a great example of two angles of the same moment. Married!

Sigh. Adorable.

Even more adorable! Coordinating umbrellas!

And more adorable still.

We headed down the street after the ceremony, from steeple to steeple, for dinner at a restaurant that was once a church.

Dance floor fun.

Check out more of their emotionally beautifully day in their 10x10 album design below:

Cam and Di, to say it was a pleasure would be an understatement. It was an honor. Thank you so much for sharing of yourselves with your friends and family, and inspiring us all to be better partners. I feel like I'm in the lucky position to reflect on my own wedding vows every week and your magical day will be one that I hold onto tightly always! xo


  1. awesome work guys! way to rock and roll. The two of you in the same room... I dunno... sounds like trouble to me...

  2. Em, I adore you. Thank you for having me along.... I just couldn't stop smiling. ( I mean, it did help that Cam and Di were so infectious but still)

    Eric is right.... we ARE trouble.


  3. Hey Emile, Shyla....fantastic job of capturing the spirit and emotion of that day; it's one that I am proud to have been a part of (Cam and Diana were amazing). You should be pleased for the great service you provided.


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