Happy anniversary to ME


It's been five years since I moved to Maine. FIVE years!

I have now lived here longer than I lived in Washington, DC, longer than I lived in Syracuse, New York, for college and certainly longer than my semester abroad in London and two summer internships in Cape Cod- all places that I have proudly called home over the last dozen+ years.

I came to Maine for a myriad of reasons that seemed to make sense at the time but were anything but looking back. For all that DC had to offer, my intuition pointed me homeward post 9/11. Leaving a city I adore, a respectable journalism job, a faithful wedding clientele and a solid group of friends, I eventually packed my things in 2004 and retreated north believing, down to the tips of my toes, that something better awaited me here.

For just 25 years old I was quite bold, if not brazen, to make such a risky move. But you can't argue with gut instinct, and I was determined to make the most of this leap of faith. So with my sweet Dakota puppy, support of family and hooded sweatshirts (which, yes, I wore most nights my first winter in New England), we hunkered down in a stunning condo on the water overlooking the Portland skyline. We opened ourselves to the better quality of life that I imagined possible here, and we fell in love with the ocean.

I never expected that I'd stay in Maine much past that first year. I imagined my fast DC city lifestyle would lure me back, as it often still tries. But, somehow, Maine's stuck. I bought a house my first spring here and, before long, in between flights to photograph weddings in the nation's capital, successfully transferred my wedding business to New England and found happiness in the one state I never imagined I'd find myself living: Vacationland. Frankly, I don't know that I'll ever be able to leave!

(If you like this lighthouse poster, you must check out artist Alan Claude's Maine vintage lighthouse series on his website here.)


  1. maine loves you too. It's kind of the best place on the planet. I agree.

    it's already calling to me...

  2. "worth a visit, worth a lifetime" ;)

    Maine has a siren song that you cannot resist. I was one of those sailors lured into its grip too.

    We should have celebrated yesterday... I had a bottle of wine and two glasses in my car! ;)

  3. Congratulations. I could not imagine a better fit for you. Maine just seems like the perfect home for you, your family and your business. So happy you have fallen in love with such a great area.

  4. I think you forgot to mention the other thing you found when you moved to Maine. The dog is great, but what about J?????

  5. Anonymous9:13 AM

    we are all mainers now, it is the best!! we have a sign hanging in our house- maine.calm- so true!
    love, mom and steve xoxo

  6. Oh, yes, yes, Rob OF COURSE! But I lived in Maine for a year and a half before meeting J. So my moving anniversary is independent of Mr Right but certainly played a part!

  7. Thanks Rob! Happy Anniversary :)

    Having been in Portland for about 3 years, I can say Thanks! Thanks for the courage it took to move here, thanks for making it through your first winter, thanks for establishing such a great business and especially thanks for bringing me here!!

    Maine : The way life should be!

  8. xoxoxo, J! And everyone!

  9. Emilie,

    Maine is magical. I grew up in a small town called Dover-Foxcroft about 45 minutes north of Bangor and 45 minutes south of Moosehead. I even stayed and went to college at Maine Maritime in Castine. In 1992 I left for Louisiana and for almost 9 years I would come home for two weeks a year. I remember the teary goodbyes and the counting of the months and weeks until the next visit all too well. I was a "Mainer in Exile"

    I moved back to the Boston area in 2001 and go home as many weekends as we can muster. Maine really changes people. My wife will tell me that there is an actual physical change in me as I drive over the bridge in Kittery. It can be late at night with all the kids sleeping, but I'll yell out "WE'RE IN MAINE!!!" The kids will all wake up and the entire car is hyper for the next 185 miles.

    It's funny, my sister also left Maine for college and med school and now she is home with her husband and at Maine Med. They're living in Cape Elizabeth and raising three little Mainers.

    Everyone I know who grew up in Maine or had some attachment always talks of going "home"

    I wish you and J all the best. Portland is a great city. Nothing bests the Old Port and all the great little restaurants.


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