* Jeanna and Tyler


Jeanna's mom spotted my profile in the Portland Press Herald last year and saved it for Jeanna, noting our shared alma mater, Syracuse University, in the event Tyler propose to Jeanna. After popping the question last October, Jeanna was in touch and secured me as her photographer for her July 2010 nuptials soon after.

Tho she grew up in Scarborough and he in Cape Elizabeth, it was a chance meeting between their parents and a chat about carpooling home from Syracuse for a holiday that lead these two to meet in New York. Seven years later, it's been bliss ever since. They just bought a darling home south of Boston and are busy planning their Maine wedding for next summer. (Today, Jeanna is visiting my friend Traci at Traci Romano Events searching for her perfect dress where I found mine! I'm hoping she has great luck!)

I met up with this handsome couple earlier this week for some portraits at the house where Tyler grew up. I can't decide which I loved more, the location or the crazy cute adoration these two have for each other! Both were spectacular!

We started at the beach where Tyler proposed to Jeanna last fall.

The weather, which had been beautiful all day, took a strange twist and we were all a bit concerned about the freaky cone cloud formation happening to our right!

Then it was back to the house for an outfit change.

Then we decided to roll up our pants and take a ride in the rowboat.

We were blessed with a few seconds of stunning evening sunlight to end our session.

What fun to see you again, Jeanna and Tyler, and meet your parents, too! I can't WAIT for your wedding next summer! Please keep me posted on all things wedding, and I'll keep checking your Facebook house photos for more inspiration for my own decorating. :)

From Jeanna:
YAY!!!! OMG - so much FUN!!!

I took a quick peek at work and then ran home to check them out!!!! woo wee! YOU DID SUCH A GOOD JOB!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We love them....I think I have already viewed them 199 times! haha, clearly I have no life! :)

What a memory to take with us...looking forward to using these this year!!!

You are the best in the biz! The countdown is ON!!!!!



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