* Sela and Will


I first met Sela last year on a brisk winter morning in Portsmouth for her first official family portrait. One year later, Sela is a big sister! I had the lucky opportunity to photograph these adorable siblings at their home in Exeter, New Hampshire. With my regular wedding season now over, my schedule transitions to portraits for the fall.

Meet Sela's baby brother Will, just three months old.

Did Will see a ghost? Nope, just a huge black box in front of his face.

Father Chris worked from home for a bit so he could be part of the picture taking.

Two year olds have a strong opinion when it comes to smiling on command.

With two under two, Chris and mom Susan have their hands full. Literally.

A sweet email from Susan just after our session:

Hi Emilie,

LOVE the photos. I know I'm going to have trouble deciding which ones to frame!!

It was great seeing you. Thank you for rolling with the chaos that we now call our life!! Both with rescheduling and the unpredictability that comes with children. You're a true professional and a joy to work with.

I have to share a story with you. When Sela woke up from her nap on Thursday, she asked immediately, "Where's Ms. Emilie?" When I told her you had gone home, she put out her lower lip and asked when you were coming back. It was too cute. And in an amazing coincidence, my dear friend Christine (you took their family portraits last fall) stopped by that afternoon. In hand--a Fisher Price Digital Camera. If anyone could experience spontaneous combustion from excitement, we would have seen it that very moment with Sela. That camera has not left her little hands since that day! She takes pictures of everything--people, trees, the cats. She even chased after a chipmunk! Mostly, we see lots of photos of feet, as she is still trying to master the coordination!

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for coming to our home. And please keep me updated on any workshops you have planned.


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