* Amy and Giancarlo


photographer: Whitney emilie inc associates
videographer: Morgan emilie inc associates
venue: The Inn at Longshore Westport, CT
officiant: Mary Pugh
caterer: The Inn at Longshore
florist: Danielle Farrer Flowers by Danielle
dj: Nicco James Daniel Entertainment
cake: DiMare Pastry Shop Stamford, CT
hair/make-up: La Jolie Femme Stamford, CT
gown: RK Bridal
invitations: Papyrus
honeymoon: Spain

Associates Whitney and Morgan road-tripped it five hours south to the Inn at Longshore in Connecticut near the New York City border to photograph the nuptials of New Yorkers Amy and Giancarlo where they have lived for the last seven years together. Their candlelit evening outdoor ceremony was pushed indoors because of rain, but it looks like these two and their guests had a fantastic time celebrating nonetheless!

How they met, in Amy's words:
Giancarlo and I are both from Queens, New York. Both Giancarlo and I were traveling home from work in NYC on the J train to Queens. Giancarlo had his bicycle with him and noticed me on the train. I immediately noticed a man with a bicycle starring at me. My subway stop came and the man with the bike walked to my subway door also getting ready to exit the train at my stop. I went to the other door in order not to have to travel down the stairs with a man and his bike. I went to the local grocery store and when I came out of the store there was the man with the bike. Immediately the man with the bike started to talk to me telling me that he saw me on the train and that he thought I was cute. I of course ignored this stranger as I proceeded to walk up the hill to my mother's home. Giancarlo cycled next to me up the hill, giving it his all. I thought ugh what am I going to do?? As we were one block from my house Giancarlo mentioned how he was just traveling through Europe including Switzerland. This got my attention as I just came back home to NY after living in Zurich for one year and a half. So Switzerland peaked my interest and when we got to my house he asked me for my phone number. To my surprise I gave him my number. Giancarlo cycled home and within 15 minutes called me to ask me out on our first date. Now, eleven years later we are getting married in Connecticut.

View their 10x10 album predesign below:

And check back soon for Morgan's multimedia presentation of the day.

Congratulations, Amy and Giancarlo!!! We hope you are having a wonderful, rain-free escape in Spain!!

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