* Luke, Ben and Sophia in Maine


Susan Whiting gets it. Last year when I arrived at her house to photograph her three children, she had an itinerary of activities to tackle while I snapped away. It was December then, and we bundled up to decorate a tree outside with peanut butter and birdseed. Inside, we made a gingerbread house, jammed out in the basement, and played the piano. You know, everyday stuff. A slice of life.

So I was excited to return to Susan's home this fall for another activity-based portrait session. This time centered around gardening, tending to the family's new chickens and the change of seasons. It was casual and simple, and Susan left me to interact with the children and capture their true spirit without hovering. This doesn't work for every family, mind you, but two of Susan's three children aren't the biggest fan of the camera, so my blending in for a no-pressure session is what works best.

Great to see you all, and thanks for supporting Pink Initiative!

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