* Nate in Washington, DC


I have known Justin since, oh, elementary school. So it's still a little strange for me to comprehend that he's a dad himself when our friendship started as wee ones ourselves! Tho we don't live close to one another any longer, just barely missing each other when I lived in Washington, DC, Justin and his wife Jess will always be dear friends despite the miles. I photographed their 2006 wedding on Catalina Island off California's coast, and captured their precious son Nate's mug earlier this year at 4 months. Lucky me, I photographed this precious little boy again in their home when I was in DC last week to raise funds for Pink Initiative.


  1. That shot of him crouching down next to the diapers is hilarious; such a little kid look in his face! And I also love the B&W one of him playing with the truck.

  2. So fun to see an updated photo of such a cutie. Em, you are wearing down my willpower not to splurge on a family portrait session with you! :)


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