published: New Hampshire Magazine's Bride


The fall/winter issue of New Hampshire Magazine's Bride is out, and my image from Stephanie and Aaron's wedding at Church Landing in Meredith is on the cover! Such a treat (no pun intended) to have my work represent this reputable magazine's cover on newsstands, and for the feature story inside. Also, December couple Kerri and Mike's winter wedding at the Bedford Village Inn can be found in the Real Weddings section.

The cupcakes, fyi, are from Jacques Pastries. The new chairs featured in the photos I took of the magazine? Inspired (ok, copied) from one of my fantastic 2010 couple's, Jeanna and Tyler, home. Can you guess the store?


  1. Anonymous4:55 AM

    Congrats Em - Yummy picture!! Love the pattern in the chair - could they be from your friend, Traci Romano's??!! See you soon, Barbara xx

  2. Gorgeous, Em! Congrats!

  3. I have those exact chairs (well the exact pattern, but mine have arms...)!

    Mine are from Urban Outfitters but I've seen them elsewhere too.


  4. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Do tell where you got the chairs. They are beautiful!

  5. You ready for this? Target!! I've never bought any furniture from there, but when I spotted Jeanna and Tyler's I was completely impressed!!


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