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Serving more than 8,000 professional photographers nationwide, Pictage is the photographer's complete, one-stop partner for online viewing, selling, and printing professional images. I have been a member since 2003, posting all of the weddings and portraits I photograph online with Pictage for easy browsing, sharing and ordering (and, oh yea, that little side matchmaking perk! If you didn't know, I met my husband J through Pictage! He was an early Pictage employee and my account rep for several years before we met in person nearly four years ago at the annual Wedding and Portrait Photographers International- WPPI- in Las Vegas). It is a great honor to be included in Pictage's just-released Inspiration book featuring 20 of their top photographers from around the country.

To my surprise there was an unfortunate design error. One of my favorite horizontal images was split into two small verticals and separated in the layout. Oh, well. I think I'll volunteer to be their photo editor on their second edition! Still very excited to have been included!

The original images:

1. Kate and her father en route to St. Brendan's Chapel in Biddeford Pool, Maine.

2. This was one of my favorite early images taken just after I moved to Maine. Love the blue glow at dusk, the extension cord snaking out the window, the shutters, the cocktail chairs still positioned where guests toasted not long before. Classic seaside Maine in Biddeford Pool.

3. This moment still tugs at my heart to view. Beloved bride Alisa's sweet father sobbed his way down the aisle and when giving away his little girl at the Spruce Point Inn in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.


  1. hey! look at that! Good stuff my friend... and always, indeed, an inspiration :]

  2. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Congratulations Em! Love, Barbara

  3. what a beautiful image! You can totally feel what he's going through!


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