* Baby Brett


One of my very first and very best friends from college is a daddy. And fortunately for me, I happened to be visiting New York City where he, Matt, lives with his wife Lauren, just 5 days after their son Brett was born. With a laundry list of memories together as young adults, including some rather hysterical ones as roommates our senior year, watching Matty navigate the early days of being a father was momentous and precious and just as fun as ever. I was honored to take a few snapshots of wee Brett in between a feeding and nap, and catch up with the happy parents and Matt's elated folks as well. Gosh, when did we grow up anyway?

And because I know you're curious, here's Matt and I first semester freshman year (with friend Matt Siket) and, below, as seniors.

Congratulations, Matt and Lauren! So SO proud of you both! I can only hope little Brett grows up to have as special a friend in college as you were to me! xo

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  1. Oh gosh, those early days are so hazy and wonderful, aren't they? What a sweet, squishy little guy.


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