* Baby Sutton at 4 weeks


Baby Sutton's coo's and cries melted my heart on a blustery December morning. Sutton's mom, Danielle, is a wedding planner with The Wedding Belle and instructor at Fitness Revolution in North Hampton, New Hampshire (click here to view the bridal bootcamp I photographed there last year). Just four weeks old, this is the first of more portraits to come in his first year.

In the nursery.

Itty bitty baby, big strong daddy hands.

Love that wall decal!

Family on the bed! My favorite spot for a casual portrait.

Tuckered him right out.


  1. Emilie! These are so great! I can't wait to see the rest. You captured his emotions so well!!! Thank you!

  2. beautiful pics of a gorgeous family!

  3. Sistar7:29 AM

    Awww Dani- I love the pics! :)

  4. Kristen Teixeira6:05 PM

    these are really beautiful...i love the one with mike's hand in the forefront holding sutton... so perfect - and danielle - you look amazing! emelie - you are awesome!


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