Maine's Snapshot Studio at Portland Greendrinks


Our Snapshot Studio has quickly become a must-have for parties and events around town. Earlier this month we set up at Portland's monthly Greendrinks (our image from website screen grab above).

Not familiar with Greendrinks? Ooooh, you must learn more:

What began in 1989 in a pub in Northern London has now spread to over 488 cities in 49 countries -- and it's still growing! Greendrinks brings together a lively mix of people from all walks of life: academics, NGOs, local businesses and government agencies. The goal is to create an organic, self-organizing network where everyone is welcome. It's a great way to catch up with people you already know, as well as an opportunity to meet new people and make new connections.

Portland Greendrinks is part of the international Greendrinks network -- an informal, volunteer-managed social networking group built around a common interest in the natural environment. It occurs on the second Tuesday of every month, starting around 5:30 pm. The goal of Greendrinks is pretty simple: good times shared among people working in, or interested in, environmental and sustainability issues.

View more silly portraits here and be sure to come see us the second Tuesday of January for your chance to experience the phenomenon!

Tomorrow night we'll be at the Sea Bags company holiday party! Rumor is there will be mistletoe involved! Fabulous!

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