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The first three weeks of the new year have been a whirlwind! Aside from actually opening the studio, I can't recall a more action-packed period where despite extra long work days I can't wipe this silly smile from my face! Having a full house (or nearly- did you know we're hiring again?) has been such an exciting, busy blessing and we've made some fantastic changes and upgrades at the studio already.

We postponed holiday drinks last month awaiting videographer Morgan's move from Thomaston to Portland this month. All settled in and with everyone actually in town at one time (J has traveled recently to Nashville and San Francisco for liveBooks, and Whitney is working for the season at Sugarloaf but comes home once a week to play in an indoor soccer league), we met up at cozy cool Local 188 for company cocktails and yummy eats.

Having everyone around the table chatting and laughing, swapping stories and catching up, it reminded me a bit of Thanksgiving. Appropriate as, boy, do I certainly feel grateful!!

L to R: videographer Morgan, studio manager Erin, associate photographer Whitney, designer Christina and associate photographer (and hubby!) J.

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  1. that's a sharp lookin' crew, you got there Em.


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