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Inspiration comes in all forms from all places. Art. Architecture. Fashion. Film. Magazines. Movies. The brand that we now know as emilie inc., however, came about from the influence of an ordinary extraordinary everyday thing: a rug. The palette and modern style were actualized in a pink & brown polka dot shower curtain pattern I spotted while shopping at Home Goods. Go figure. Most of my best ideas come while in the shower, so it's actually quite fitting.

That rug, however, I've had my eye on ever since. I talk about it when I lecture about branding. I drool over it when I walk past the shop window on afternoon strolls with Dakota at lunchtime. Rug and handbag designer Angela Adams has been my design idol long before I moved to Maine, long before our shops shared the same street and certainly long, long before I had the opportunity to sit and chat with her at my studio.

Angela is on the advisory board for the entreverge entrepreneur award that I won last spring. As part of that win, I was invited to meet with a select number of those advisers and Angela was my immediate top pick. She left me a message on my cell phone when I was out of town in November to arrange our meeting, and texted me to make sure I had received it, thanking me for my time. Thanking me???! When she arrived at my studio, true story, I was a bit starstruck. I know her storefront is just a 30 second jaunt down the road, but the woman behind the brand I have admired for years was now in my space inspired by her rug giving me advice. It was all a bit surreal.

The more we chatted, the more and more I admired her. She's truly so kind and so, well..., so normal. I loved it. She shared the story of how she started, the challenges and triumphs she's faced as a female business owner, and what's in her immediate future. And I did the same. At one point she paused, told me that we're all in this together and that she remembers the same overwhelmed, but excited, look in my eyes. And she told me I had to hire help, it was time.

Two months later, I have help (thank you Erin and Christina!) and I have a new private office. When decorating my new space, I couldn't think of anything more fitting to complete the look than that rug that initially inspired emilie inc. And tho I might be afraid to walk on it with shoes, gazing at it every day is a perfect reminder of how far I have come. So then if the first volume of my book is entitled "The Shower Curtain," the second will most definitely be called "The Rug."

A slide taken from my branding presentation:

And voila! My inspiration rug now at my studio!

Super exciting update!!! Come meet my design idol at the branding & blogging workshop I am co-hosting at my studio next month with Liene Stevens of Splendid Communications where Angela Adams will be making a guest appearance to share the story of her brand!! Details above!!


  1. Love the rug and what it represents! You have come so far...I am amazingly proud of you!

  2. those rugs...the boys both have her rugs in their her designs as well.......lucky you!

  3. This mad me smile and wish I had an equally awesome story. Then I saw the rug and my smile got bigger. Love it.


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