Pink Initiative 2009 round-up


Founded in late 2008, it's amazing how quickly the breast cancer charity I founded grew in its first official year!

I formed a fantastic board of directors, including wedding planner and social media specialist Liene Stevens of Blue Orchid Weddings and Splendid Communications in Phoenix; Sonoma photographer and breast cancer survivor Megan Clouse; my hubby J representing liveBooks, and voice-of-the-people and emilie inc. bride Kelsie Knight. Our group chats via conference call once a month to update each other on recent developments and to chart long-term goals, practicing the "two heads is better than one" theory again and again. We'll be hosting our first official annual meeting together in Maine for a weekend next month!

After 9 months of waiting, we received our formal government 501(c)(3) status. The wait was a long one, but the reward certainly worthwhile.

With simple word of mouth- and mouse- sharing of our message, Pink Initiative now has more than 100 professional wedding vendor members from across the country representing everyone from caterers and florists to musicians and make-up artists. Our caring community has taken our initiative mission to heart, not only making simple monetary donations but also creating independent grassroots campaigns and events. There have been golf and bowling tournaments, mixers and photography marathons, and custom stationery and trendy tote bags, to name a few, each specifically created to benefit Pink Initiative.

Late last year, online invitation megahouse Invitation Consultants agreed to match our December donations. And screaming onto the scene wedding planning website, My Kate Parker Wedding, asked to include Pink Initiative as one of three featured charities to contribute a portion of all its vendor subscription fees. We're working on a splashy webpage. And look! Among other media outlets over the last year, we're currently featured in the spring issue of Get Married magazine alongside the likes of industry icons Marcy Blum and Sylvia Weinstock!

Oh, yeah, and we've raised OVER $10,000!!!

There are so many exciting things to come in 2010 and I can't thank you all for your support on this, the 19th anniversary of the passing of beloved Donna, the inspiration behind Pink Initiative. I know she's very proud of all our hard work. xo


  1. Anonymous3:51 PM

    we are so proud of you em and pink initiative! Raising over $10,000 is a wonderful accomplishment.
    love, mom and steve xoxoxo


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