Reason #1,476,231 Roots Workshop rocks


You could win this:

Yes, this is a joke trophy, but its 2009 recipient takes her win very seriously. Earlier today, I presented photographer Audra Bayette with this handsome trophy (kindly made by Ray Messier at Creative Awards in Scarborough) from our goofy Chubby Bunny contest at Roots Workshop last July. It started as a spontaneous game in 2008 on the last night of our workshop with leftover marshmallows from s'mores (workshop staffer Jenn Domenick's husband Ethan took the crown then) and, well, I guess with the implementation of a trophy you could say it's now a tradition. Audra hopes to defend her own title when she returns for her second summer at Roots this July. I hear she's been practicing.

Who wouldn't want a trophy with a camera on it, anyway?

Think you're up for the challenge? We are sold out for 2010 with a waiting list, and have already started a list for when we open Roots 2011 registration next fall as well!!

ps- Congrats on your recent engagement, Audra! So happy for you and Matt! I know a really cool place you could get married on Cape Cod this summer...


  1. Thanks Emilie! Do you think there will be any photographers at this place on Cape Cod?

  2. chubmmmff bnnnffmmmfy


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