studio 227 workshop recap


Today's Studio 227 Business Basics: branding and blogging workshop is still underway, but given our topic I thought it appropriate to update you of what we've been up to on this rather stormy day tucked inside my cozy studio. Enjoy this inside peek!

My designer Christina put together a beautifully branded (again, in keeping with the theme of our workshop) packet of information for our workshop participants.

I started things off chatting about branding and how to create a successful brand.

Brett Carneiro of Emersonmade introduces himself to the group.

Swapping business cards reminded me of an elementary school Valentine exchange. Here, wedding planner Diana Ma, center, and Scot Aubinoe of One Life One Legacy in Maryland, right (my friend and former realtor from when I lived in DC!).

Patricia Takacs of Maine's PT Snap Photography.

Amber Small of Sweetest Thing Weddings in Maine.

Next, my design idol Angela Adams shared an inside peek about her brand, what works and how she's come so far since starting her company 11 years ago.

L to R: Kelli Parker of à deux paper in Boston and Lisa Green from Anderson Green Events in New York City.

Hubby J of liveBooks spoke about the importance of having an effective website.

Boston wedding photographer Ned Jackson.

New England make-up artist Annette Sousa (small world: she used to live in Hollis, New Hampshire, where I grew up- on my very same street!).

Amber, left, and Kate Parker of national wedding planning website My Kate Parker Wedding.

Liene Stevens of Splendid Communications from Phoenix spent the afternoon educating us all on how to blog.

Boston photographer Mark Davidson.

And, of course, we ended with cupcakes. :) Thank you, Kitchen Chicks!

This was the first time I hosted a workshop at my studio and plans are in the works for more! If there is something specific you would like to learn about, please let me know! And to those who attended today, thank you so very much for coming, for investing in your business and sharing your experiences. It was a wonderfully warm, open environment- exactly as I had hoped it would be!

Back to learning for now, but we'll be at Local 188 for dinner and drinks tonight if anyone wants to join us!



We are busy bees at the studio today, putting the final touches on preparations for tomorrow's Studio 227 branding and blogging workshop. We have folks coming from as far as California, Washington, DC, New York City, as well as Boston and some familiar local faces to round out our group of impressive entrepreneurs. I'm hoping the weather doesn't put a crimp in anyone's travel plans and look forward to sharing how the day unfolds with you soon!



Battling a case of the Februaries? Watch this darling interview of emilie inc clients Amy and Chris talking about how they met and how he proposed to warm your spirits. This Q&A format is a new addition to our standard multimedia coverage, à la When Harry Met Sally, and I just love it. Check back next week for their full multimedia wedding film by Morgan.

amy and chris from emilie sommer on Vimeo.

branding & blogging workshop announcement


**This will remain at the top of the blog until 2/20. Scroll down for recent posts**

coffee and change


One of the most fascinating aspects of being actively involved as a business owner in my community is the ease with how that one simple common denominator has opened doors, established support networks and given a voice to create change for the greater good. One such example happened just this morning.

Invited by May '10 emilie inc. bride Sarah Serling, we hosted a small round-table coffee with Maine democratic candidate for governor Rosa Scarcelli at the studio. A wife and mother of three, I knew I was going to like Rosa from what I have seen of her in the media thus far and because of her background: she grew a small business from small numbers like mine to more than 100 employees. As a voter, I see tremendous value in supporting someone who has walked my walk and hasn't grown up in the political spectrum per se. She has real life experience, experience that I can identify with. We know the same challenges and benefits of owning a business and I feel confident that she'll rally to effect change for what's important to me.

Goes without saying that emilie inc. as a company usually does not endorse candidates as a rule, it's the neutral photojournalist in me (ok, exception: I am a huge, out-loud fan of Obama). Rosa impressed me, however, and I am very excited to support her all the way to the Blaine House.

Best of luck, Rosa!

emilie as cover model?


Yes, it's crazy but true. The beautiful imagery taken by Jules Bianchi at our April St. John nuptials will be on newsstands (Borders and Barnes & Noble) starting March 1st with my mug as the cover girl for Destination I Do magazine's summer 2010 issue. This was certainly never one of my life goals, but something I'll definitely enjoy telling my grandchildren about one day as my model grandma once did with me!

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