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One of the most fascinating aspects of being actively involved as a business owner in my community is the ease with how that one simple common denominator has opened doors, established support networks and given a voice to create change for the greater good. One such example happened just this morning.

Invited by May '10 emilie inc. bride Sarah Serling, we hosted a small round-table coffee with Maine democratic candidate for governor Rosa Scarcelli at the studio. A wife and mother of three, I knew I was going to like Rosa from what I have seen of her in the media thus far and because of her background: she grew a small business from small numbers like mine to more than 100 employees. As a voter, I see tremendous value in supporting someone who has walked my walk and hasn't grown up in the political spectrum per se. She has real life experience, experience that I can identify with. We know the same challenges and benefits of owning a business and I feel confident that she'll rally to effect change for what's important to me.

Goes without saying that emilie inc. as a company usually does not endorse candidates as a rule, it's the neutral photojournalist in me (ok, exception: I am a huge, out-loud fan of Obama). Rosa impressed me, however, and I am very excited to support her all the way to the Blaine House.

Best of luck, Rosa!

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  1. What a great opportunity! I love seeing all the ways that you grow your business!


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