85 years young


I am very fortunate to have grown up in the same town as my father's parents, and recall so many childhood memories where my Nana and Grandpa were present at dance recitals, school fairs and birthday parties (my birthday is the day after my grandfather's). I now live two hours from them and wish I could see them more often than my schedule allows, but am grateful for gatherings like we had yesterday to toast my grandfather's 85th! It was a sweet celebration with nearly our entire extended family and a poignant reminder after a challenging year of hospital scares for them how precious life truly is.

A few snapshots of the birthday boy...


  1. Wonderful!
    I grew up near my grandparents as well! It was so wonderful to have them close:)

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Your grandparents are adorable! You are lucky to have shared in so many wonderful family events together. :-)

  3. Anonymous2:48 PM

    What a nice post Em. So thoughtful of you. It surely was a noisy, fun, tearful celebration. SO HAPPY you & J were with us! Love, P.

  4. Emily, These are Great! Makes me wish I were there!


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