to tent or not to tent?


Boston's darling Beantown Bride blog weighs in on the popular New England reception debate, featuring one of my photos of a beloved Sperry Tent. Personally, beautifully tented receptions are one of the reasons I most adore photographing weddings in this area and this brief article touches on all of the reasons why (click the image below to read). I am working on a few guest blogger pieces for this site, which I'm very excited about as I miss writing for Weddingbee Pro (which was put on hold, if you didn't know, when founder Bee Kim became a mom!). Stay tuned!


  1. In England we call them marquees ... sounds way more up-market than TENT.

    ...chiefly Brit. a large tent used for social or commercial functions.

    I think you need to start a new trend here!

  2. My favorite wedding last year was in Marion, MA at a private home. They had two "marquees" as Rob calls them and it was by far the best wedding I shot all of last year. It allowed the bride to have her wedding at the summer home she grew up in.


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