ready, set, wedding season!


I saw a man mowing his lawn on my way to work this morning. It's April 13th. Doesn't that seem early? Maybe, maybe not.

For whatever reason, every spring I am caught almost unaware, even surprised, by the change of seasons and how suddenly it happens in Maine. We've already had an 85-degree day here (that isn't normal and did break a record), the grass turned from an icky dormant brown to bright green seemingly overnight and I can't get enough of the stunningly beautiful blossoming trees around town this week. We did it! We made it through another (not-so-long, lucky us) winter.

Spring is most definitely my favorite season, for the reasons mentioned above, and for the general feeling of hope and renewal that makes me smile to get out of bed every morning (thanks to the sunshine that now peeks into the bedroom a little earlier than before). I'm not alone in this, especially among hearty New Englanders, who seem to have invented phrases like spring fever and spring cleaning. It just feels darn great to open our windows or go outside wearing flip flops even if it isn't exactly sunbathing weather yet, doesn't it (don't tell that to the gal I spotted splayed on a woodpile in the West End last week catching some rays)?!

All that is to say, the acknowledgement of spring's sneaky return also means that we've entered into other familiar territory: wedding season! Ours kicks off this weekend with associate Whitney photographing in southern Maine on Saturday. Next weekend, my first wedding anniversary (nutty!), I'm traveling to Cape Cod with J, Morgan and Zach. And so it goes for the next five or so months to follow. We're deeply breathing in that fresh spring air because, ready or not, our busy schedule is about to get a little crazier!

The blog will resume its usual pace of posting images from recent weddings with vendor information and album designs. So be sure to check in on us, and follow along on Twitter and Facebook for more frequent updates.

Happy spring to you! Happy wedding season to us!

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  1. I've definitely got Spring Fever!!;) So looking forward to my first real wedding season with some pretty phenomenal seasoned pros!! Happy wedding season!!


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