* Erin and Ryan's engagement session in Portland, Maine


Bostonians Erin and Ryan came up to Portland for an engagement session with Whitney (and J!) as a first introduction and chance to chat about their fall Cape Cod nuptials. After a bit of bubbly and an outfit change, these two, who met through a mutual love of comedy, had Whitney and J in stitches as they traipsed about the East End and the Old Port.


  1. What a wonderful session! I love seeing the Old Port as a backdrop:) Congrats J and Whitney:)

  2. I am totally in love with these. As a friend of both Ryan and Erin, these photos totally capture their beautiful personalities, hilariousness and love for one another. YAY!!

  3. Thank you J and Whitney! It was such a fun, special day and we couldn't be happier with the photos -- and we can't wait to get our invitations from Gus and Ruby (and Sam)! ;)

  4. Wonderful!!
    You guys are so movie-star quality.
    Actually, in one, you're very Brad & Janet....though the rest are much more Audrey Hepburn & Spencer Tracy.

  5. What great pictures! Erin, you photograph really well too! You guys look fantastic. I wish you many years of love and laughter!

  6. stunning. you guys are too cute. love the pictures!


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