introducing Denise to emilie inc.


Two years ago I received an enthusiastic application (definitely one of the best cover letters I have ever received) for an associate photographer opening. But because of an email glitch its sender never received my reply. Fortunately, she stayed in touch and as of this week, she's emilie inc.'s newest employee.

Meet Denise, our image manager and- at long last- associate photographer! Denise will be working at the studio three days a week making all of our image files look pretty, sharing and printing our photographs, and overseeing our server (among other things). And on the weekends, you'll likely find her as a second photographer for myself, J or Whitney (she will be shooting weddings on her own as a principal photographer next season).

Denise is originally from Bangor and has lived in Vermont and Oregon as well. She relocated with her husband, Jon, (and doggie and kitty) back to Maine in 2008 and loves being home. She has worked for the Bangor Daily News, the Valley News (a paper on the NH/VT border where I applied to be an intern in college and was rejected!), and the Portland Tribune. When not taking pictures, Denise loves spending time with her horse, Henry, cooking, and traveling to new places near and far. You'll have to catch our updated website team page in the coming weeks to learn Denise's fun facts. :)

We're so happy to have you here, Denise, and look forward to a fun wedding season! Hooray!


  1. Hooray for a horse-loving girl joining the super fabulous Emilie Inc team!! Hope to meet you soon, Denise!

  2. How exciting and such a great pic!!

  3. We're so thrilled to have a new face in studio!! Welcome, Denise:). It's going to be a fabulous summer!!

  4. Anne Schmidt11:40 AM

    This is so great!! Denise is fabulous! I went to college with her and we were both photographers for our college newspaper. Congrats Denise!

  5. Congrats, Denise! I'm glad to see you're doing well.


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