* Anna and Owen marry at Migis Lodge on Sebago Lake in Maine


emilie inc. photographers: Emilie, J and Denise
venue: Migis Lodge South Casco, Maine
officiant: Teri Nickerson
caterer: Migis Lodge
florist: Marcia Davis Flowers
ceremony/cocktail musician: Peter Miles
dj: Ari Rosenfield Beat Train Productions
cake: Charity Vatruch Migis Lodge
hair: Tina Wardwell The Roaming Artists
make-up: Katherine MacDonald
invitations: Patricia Mumau calligraphy, pressed by Anna & Owen
photo booth: Maine Snapshot Studio
honeymoon: Bitter End Yacht Club Virgin Gorda, BVI

So, in the most bizarre of coincidences, Anna and Owen found both emilie inc. and their venue, Migis Lodge, by way of searching Google for Maine wedding locations and stumbled across my blog. Wild, no?

For the third week in a row, I was back at Sebago Lake to photograph. Different in both scope and feel from the other two, surprisingly enough, and a great testament to something I always find myself saying: the tho they generally follow the same script every wedding truly is different from the next. Even in the exact same location!

"Nice" was the word that kept being said at Saturday's wedding. Nice day. Nice couple. Nice guests. We- J, Denise and I- loved photographing this crew and their lakeside celebrations. Everything just felt comfortable and gosh, Anna and Owen are just so darn adorable together. They have the kind of love that movies are made of, the type that makes your heart melt to witness.

How they met, in Anna's words:
We were set up on a blind date in October 2004. The date did not go technically well (late start, cold boat ride, take-out meatloaf, no kiss), but from the first moment of the first date we felt as if we had known each other our entire lives. It was more than our common interests and backgrounds; we simply got along like best friends. We have argued, ate, loved, and laughed for hours and days and months and years since.

View their album design below or click here to open in a separate window.

Anna LOVES whoopie pies, and so she had a local baker make enough to pack into everyone's welcome baskets. Yum!

Their beautiful invite.

Her bouquet, the men's pocket squares and their place card table featured Anna's favorite cloth from Liberty of London.

Sweet Anna.

The ladies took over one of Migis' fabulous cottages to get ready.

Meanwhile, Owen spent some time writing a letter to Anna and reflecting on the ceremony ahead before meeting up with his groomsmen.

Nuptials nestled under pines.

Anna and Owen's getaway transportation: a sweet solo ride around the lake post-ceremony.

And a few of our favorite appearances in our Maine Snapshot Studio at the reception.

So here ends our run at Migis for the season, which opens soon for their regular summer guests (if you're looking for a family escape, definitely check it out!). To Anna and Owen, thank you. We certainly hope you will stay in touch and visit us when you come to Maine again. Congratulations! xo


  1. You captured that wedding beautifully :)

  2. Wow. Many thanks to Emilie, J, and Denise for capturing our wedding PERFECTLY! We were so lucky to have you by our sides!

  3. What a gorgeous wedding. I love everything about it. LOVE the invitation, and that bouquet is almost exactly what I had wanted my wedding bouquet to look like (it didn't; one of the few minor disappointments from my own wedding day). Seeing the pictures is making me want to do mine all over again!


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