introducing Sharon to emilie inc.


Continuing our welcome wagon of new faces, say hello to Sharon, another fantastic addition to our team! Sharon was initially in touch back in January via mutual friends while she was living in Brooklyn and contemplating a move to Portland come summer. Fortunately for us, that move panned out and she's now comfortably residing in an apartment on the East End and joining us to photograph weddings on the weekends.

I love Sharon's story. And I'd love to take a stab at telling it to you, but Sharon does a much better job detailing how she's zig-zagged the country in some of the coolest places:

Sharon grew up in Connecticut and studied fine art and zoology at Connecticut College. She drove around the country in a jury rigged camper van before moving to the Florida Keys. She lived on a boat off Key West and opened an art gallery called The Lemonade Stand. After six years of living, painting and photographing there, she moved to Hawaii where she spent a lot of time underwater and lived in a tiny cottage with an outside bathtub under a banana tree. And then, exhausted from living in such lovely places, she moved straight to Brooklyn, New York where she survived for a year with a lot of hot showers and hand-made scarves. Her travels have taken her to lots of amazing places including the Great Barrier Reef, Morocco, the west coast of Ireland, Paris and Vancouver Island. She now lives in Portland with her two rescued Brooklyn kittens and is grateful she arrived in May, not December.

Sounds like a great chick flick plot, doesn't it? We adore Sharon and her breezy positive personality (tho we're a bit envious of her height and wavy locks). Be sure to also check out her stunning paintings on her website here. I can't wait to get a few of her gems on my walls at home!

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