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I've had the idea of a local wedding blog stuck in my mind for a long while now. After prodding from colleagues and matched excitement from the studio staff when I shared my vision, we set right to work on designing a blog we would like to read but that doesn't yet exist. Huddled around computer screens and brainstorming over lunch at a nearby cafe, Love and Lobster was hatched and today, is live online for you to enjoy. We hope our posts will bring a smile to your face and offer some insight to those planning a wedding here from afar.

Our concentration will be in Maine initially, and then expand to include other coastal New England locations. We will be posting daily and welcome any and all suggestions for topics in our Ask Us section. We are accepting real wedding Love Story submissions from vendors and brides alike, and have prime real estate available for advertising. And don't miss the exclusive deals for Love and Lobster readers included in our weekly Inside Peek posts.

Happy reading!


  1. As always, so proud of you! xoxo Kara

  2. I love when your visions become reality! Congrats!

  3. Holy Moly, girl. Every time I turn around you are starting a new business. You must not be able to sleep at night for all the amazing ideas you have! Kudos to you! You are an inspiration and Audra said it best, your visions become a reality, it's truly amazing! I can't wait to follow this blog!

  4. Thank goodness you started this project, Em. I was beginning to worry that you were going to fritter away your entire life without doing anything with your time. Glad to see you're finally accomplishing something.

    Just kidding, of course, and attempting to conceal my envy of how awesome and enterprising you are.



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