* Paige and Matt marry at On the Marsh in Kennebunk


emilie inc. photographers: Emilie and Sharon
venue: On the Marsh Kennebunk, Maine
officiant: family friend
florist: Fleurant, Kennebunk
ceremony musicians: Classical Music for All Occasions
band: Murray Hill Talent, Unity
cake: Gayle Forte, Let Them Eat Cake
make-up: Ginger Coggin
hair: Freedom Salon, York
tent: Marshall Tent and Event Rental
guest transportation: VIP Tour & Charter Bus Company, Portland
dress: Modern Trousseau at Hitched, Washington, DC
invitations: Smock
honeymoon: Positano and Rome, Italy

I have learned not to check the weather until the day before a wedding because, truly, in Maine, you just have to wait a little while and it will likely change anyway. Such was the case with Paige and Matt's wedding day. Tho thunderstorms threatened, it was a scrumptious overcast sky all day long, on what otherwise would have been a toasty June afternoon to be outside for their garden ceremony and tented evening reception. The bright pinks and soft blues of the bridal party popped against the even sky and lush green marsh, a photographer's paradise.

Paige and Matt currently live in the DC area, but Matt grew up spending his summers in Maine. It has become a place of peace and tranquility for both of them when escaping the city, and fortunately for their guests, the natural first choice for their wedding location.

How they met, in Paige's words:

Despite the fact that Washington & Lee University only has about 1,800 undergrad students, Paige and Matt didn’t meet until their Junior year of school. The story goes like this: Paige knew Matt’s friends, Matt knew Paige’s friends, but they didn't know each other. This was probably due to the hours that each of them spent wasting away in the library. In fact, prior to their introduction, Matt knew Paige as the girl always wearing yellow athletic shorts in the reference section at 2AM. (Creepy.) Paige didn’t know Matt at all.

It was probably a good thing that the two had never met, because as I said, W&L is a small school, and relationships rarely blossom after two years of hanging out with the same people. When the pair finally did meet in the oh-so-romantic, beer-covered main room of the country house affectionately known as "County Seat," they hit it off instantaneously. Paige remembers wondering whether Matt was an older student visiting for the beginning of the school year, since he seemed so "mature" - those who knew Matt in those days and those who know him now probably wonder how she ever could have thought that. Paige also wonders now how she ever could have thought that - as if the khaki shorts and ratty old W&L lacrosse shirt weren't a dead giveaway. Anyhow, after being introduced that night, the rest is history…kind of.

Actually, for several weeks after they met, Paige left the bowels of the library and ventured out with her friends with the hopes of again seeing her new flame. However, Matt remained committed to his beloved books, night after night. In fact, the relationship would have never blossomed had it not been for multiple calls from Matt's Best Man, Will Baugher. Paige remembers asking Will where Matt was one night at a party; Will responded very calmly that he was not sure, but when Paige walked by several minutes later, she encountered Will demanding rather forcefully that Matt 'get his butt over there, NOW.' After multiple iterations of the same chain of events, Matt finally got the courage to 'spit some mad game,' and the rest was finally, history.

Since then, the two have traveled all over together, from the UK to Chile, to Canada and France, yet they trace their roots back to that fateful night in the main room at County Seat in Lexington, Virginia, and, of course, the frantic phone calls from Will that finally brought them together.

Those at their wedding got a hilarious alternative version to the story of how they met, and lots of other insight into their relationship, that ranks as one of the most hilarious best man toasts I have ever heard (and I've heard many!). The rest of the night was just as fun, featuring wonderful live music and throwback sunglasses and glow sticks to give the dance floor a bit of personality.

Take a peek at their album below, or click here to view in a separate window.

Guests were given shells and asked to hold them in their left hand, close to their heart, to share a wish or prayer for the couple. And then they were all sealed in a container for Paige and Matt to have in their home.

Congrats, Paige and Matt!! We loved spending time with you and your very fun friends! We hope you are having a blast in Italy!!


  1. Wonderful work. Everyone looks like they were having so much fun ... including you.

  2. I am SUCH a fan of her wedding dress!


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