Roots Workshop: day 5


Thursday was the last day of the Roots Workshop, a day seemingly simple in scope, but always a hectic flurry of activity right up until our celebratory clambake dinner. It included final edits of everyone's picture stories, choosing a song by sponsor Triple Scoop Music, assembling slideshows and individual one-on-one mentor sessions. And once we finished feasting on lobster, we waited for the sun to go down and viewed everyone's body of work from the week on a screen under the stars (undoubtedly one of my favorite days of the year). There was lots of laughter, and even tears, as students and their instructors explained each photographer's assignment and remarkable growth transformation in front of the group. I'll be sharing those slideshows here, with a round-up on the week, over the next few days.

(This last picture taken by student Ian Riley)

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  1. Wow. GREAT WORK! I just stumbled onto your blog today and am so happy that I did! Your work is so inspiring, so much creativity! Good job and keep it up! :)


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