* Allison and Jeremy host a tented backyard wedding in Woolwich, Maine


emilie inc. photographers: Whitney and Sharon
venue: bride's aunt and uncle's house, Woolwich, Maine
officiant: bride's relative Phyllis Gardiner
caterer: Sarah's Catering Wiscasset, Maine
florist: Skillins
band: Jazzy Chaz and the DelRossi Posse
cake: Chris Harris Maine Custom Cakes
hair: Tranquility Hair Salon, Brunswick
gown: Andrea's Bridal Portland, Maine
honeymoon: Couples Isla Tower Resort and Citronelle Hotel, Jamaica

We sound like a broken record, but it's true, another stellar Saturday was the backdrop for Allison and Jeremy's sea side ceremony in Woolwich, Maine, for Whitney and Sharon to capture. After a fabulous lobster bake rehearsal the night before, their wedding day proved to be just as fun with lots of enthusiastic dancing and moving toasts in the tent under the stars.

How they met and got engaged, in their own words:
Allison grew up in Raymond, Maine, on a small farm where she learned to appreciate the beauty of nature. While attending Smith College, she joined the Ultimate Frisbee team and quickly fell in love with the sport. She met Jeremy after graduation when she returned home to Maine and started playing Ultimate Frisbee in Portland. Outgoing and handsome, he caught her attention.

Jeremy grew up in Gardiner, Maine, in a beautiful old farmhouse. Jeremy attended Tufts University where he studied engineering and Ultimate Frisbee. Jeremy continued to play Ultimate Frisbee competitively when he returned to Portland, Maine, and there he met Allison. He was impressed with her from the start, and she definitely earned points when his cat, Nutmeg, warmed up to her.

Now Allison, Jeremy and Nutmeg are all happily living together. And they JUST BOUGHT THEIR FIRST HOME!

They have moved back to Maine from 3 years in Southern California, where Jeremy managed the California office of his stormwater engineering firm and Allison attended the University of California Law School, earning her J.D. Before that, they spent a year-and-a-half living in Portland, Oregon (the "other" Portland). Now they live in Brunswick, Maine - and they love their new home! So far they've seen deer, wild turkeys, ducks, fox, and lightening bugs on their land - none of which they saw while living in Long Beach, California.

Jeremy and Allison left Maine to explore - they loved Maine and, at the time, thought "if we don't leave now, we're never going to leave." It was a great experience road-tripping across the country and living on the left coast for a while, especially because they met and made so many new friends. Now they are glad to be back in Maine to rejoin their friends and families there and share their adventures.

Jeremy is now managing the Maine office of his stormwater engineering firm, and Allison is studying to take (and pass!) the Maine Bar Exam to become a practicing attorney in the state.

Soon, they hope to take advantage of the fact they have their own home and yard to grow a garden and get a dog.

How he proposed: June, 2009

Jeremy's proposal completely surprised Allison.

Jeremy's plot to land Allison began with telling her he had received a bonus from work and could take a half day on Friday so that they could enjoy a long weekend together in Santa Monica. Jeremy picked Allison up at work on the motorcycle and they rode out to a hotel at the beach. When they arrived, cold champagne and two glasses were in their room to welcome them. After enjoying the refreshing beverage, they set out to explore Santa Monica.

Drinks in a penthouse bar with beautiful views of the sun setting and the Santa Monica Mountains. Dinner on the outdoor patio of an amazing steakhouse. Shopping, yes shopping, on 3rd St Promenade.

Then late at night Jeremy and Allison ended up on the Santa Monica Pier in line to ride the ferris wheel. The ride was wonderful, they could hear the waves crashing around them. Jeremy asked, "You know what would make this night perfect?" Allison responded, "Chocolate?"

Then he asked her to marry him and she said yes.

Darling. Thank you both for inviting us to document your sweet wedding day story in photographs. Enjoy the album and a few of our most favorite images below.

Best wishes for a happy life together in Maine in your new house, and hopefully soon, with a dog!

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