* Charlotte and Russ marry in Brooklin, Maine


emilie inc. photographers: Emilie and Sharon
venue: groom's family's private residence, Brooklin Maine
officiant: family friend
caterer: Devin Finigan, Brooklin
florist: Sweet Pea Gardens Surry, Maine
ceremony musician: Don Sanni Gigmasters
make-up: Annette Sousa
gown: J Crew

On a 30 acre parcel of land boasting a stunning modern vacation home and views of Babson Island in Brooklin, Maine, DC natives Charlotte and Russ exchanged vows before their children and Russ' family. Once married, we made a quick drive to the nearby Wooden Boat campus and boarded a lobster boat to explore Babson Island (lovingly, and for good reason, referred to as Fern Island by the locals). The trip included unloading into a rowboat to make it to/from the island's shore (a tricky, ungraceful feat nearly five months pregnant, but I did it!) and then a fairly treacherous hike up into the center of the island (in Dansko clogs, oy) covered in ferns. With slight paths only made by deer, navigating was difficult as it wasn't easy to see what was underfoot, but I only fell once (no injuries!) and escaped with only a dozen or so mammoth mosquito bites. Having family photos on the island was important to Charlotte and Russ, and therefore an adventure to add to my list of wedding firsts. And this one, in particular, as it was on a Thursday. Here are a few images from our mid-week road trip up the coast!

The sweet ceremony scene.

Loading at Wooden Boat.

The rowboat.

Success! Love the footwear.

Fern hiking.

The bugs were insane and had us all dancing about.

Back on the mainland.

At the house before dinner (the island in the distance behind them).

All in all, we were in the car more on this day than we actually photographed. Time well spent, however, as Sharon and I both adored this family and their appreciation for family, art and good food! Congratulations and happiness always, Charlotte and Russ.

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  1. I say the adventure was worth it, as the photographs are unique and memorable and lovely (not that yours aren't always, but perhaps extra because of the uniqueness of the location).


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