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Buzzing around the liveBooks website earlier today, I was taken aback when I spotted a familiar image- mine!- featured on their homepage sandwiched between Richard Avedon and National Geographic! Sweet! That's good company to keep! And further into the site, a recent podcast I recorded about branding is posted in the Success Stories section of their blog, Resolve.

I can't say enough wonderful things about liveBooks (and not just because they employ my hubby J) and would encourage all professional photographers to give them a good look when searching for an online presence for your business. They get what we do. Drop me a line if you decide to upgrade to liveBooks, as I have a 15% discount code I can share with you!

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  1. Megan C.8:23 PM

    I concur! I just created my second LB site and it's been an amazing tool for me. I'm able to expand my thinking and business endeavors, keeping the businesses separate all while having gorgeous (expensive LOOKING) sites!


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