Love and Lobster featured in Portland Press Herald


Last week I received a phone call from the Portland Press Herald inquiring about our studio's wedding inspiration blog, Love and Lobster. Together with a new Maine fashion blog (I know, I know, don't roll your eyes. Apparently some people think there is fashion scene to be written about in Maine), a profile ran of both new blogs in today's paper. It's a nice introduction for those that don't know about Love and Lobster yet (tho it mentions that we only showcase real weddings of emilie inc. clients. Anyone is encouraged to submit a wedding, however. And with more than 2,000 readers in its first month, it's quickly gaining traction as a great resource!). In addition to our daily wedding season workflow at the studio, Love and Lobster has been a summer highlight so far, keeping us on our toes for new story and inspiration board ideas. If you have anything you would like us to feature, just ask!

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