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Goodie, goodie! It's time to share the student slideshows from my Roots Workshop!! Fetch a cold lemonade and settle in to learn about some of Cape Cod's most fascinating people and places. Featuring music from workshop sponsor Triple Scoop Music, these are the gems that we viewed on the big screen under the stars on our last night as a group in Cape Cod.

We're going to start with emilie inc.'s own Whitney, who was assigned to photograph the Cape Cod Airfield in Marstons Mills, specifically, the bi-plane tour operation of a man and his two sons. Whitney pushed her photography to great heights (quite literally!) all while maintaining her cool, calm demeanor we all adore.

Cape Cod Airfield from emilie inc. on Vimeo.

Neysa Ruhl is from Cincinnati and attended our first Roots Workshop in 2008. She returned for another go this summer to further expand her skills. This year she was assigned to photograph the Brewster Store, a landmark if you're familiar with the Cape. It's a non-stop busy shop that serves up everything from coffee to penny candy to sundries and souvenirs from 6a-10p!

Brewster Store from emilie inc. on Vimeo.

Allison Britton joined us from the Washington, DC, area, and photographed the Cape Cod Organic Farm in Barnstable, MA. A bit hesitant about what a full day photographing farmers might be like, Alison proved to herself and all of us that everyone has a story to share and she captured this one beautifully.

Barnstable Organic Farm from emilie inc. on Vimeo.

Connecticut photographer Amanda Herzberger photographed the busy family-run Hole in One donut shop in Eastham, MA. In just a short amount of time, Amanda blended right in and bonded with the employees and the regulars that passed their time at the counter. And amazingly, she escaped without ever trying a donut (but she brought plenty back home for us to have at the house!)!!

Hole in One from emilie inc. on Vimeo.

DC area photographer Amie Otto photographed the Arey's Pond Boat Yard in South Orleans, MA. Unsure if she really should attend just weeks before the workshop, Amie walked away from this experience learning so much about her photography and about living life from her story's subject. She gushes that the week changed her life and, boy, that brings a huge smile to my face.

Arey's Pond boat yard from emilie inc. on Vimeo.

Returning student Maine photographer Audra Bayette photographed the stables at Woodsong Farm in Brewster, MA. Pushing herself to learn something new this time around, Audra mastered how to pan (freezing a moving subject with a blurry background) and how to work a scene photographing large animals with limited access (she wasn't allowed to squat down or use a flash as it would startle the horses).

Woodsong Farm from emilie inc. on Vimeo.

Baltimore photographer Elisha Tablada photographed the College Light Opera Company in Falmouth, MA, the country's oldest summer opera camp for college students. Orchestra and voice students live on campus and perform each night. Elisha, an associate photographer to staffer Jenn Domenick, worked hard to overcome her comfort zone to photograph people up close.

College Light Opera Company from emilie inc. on Vimeo.

Asheville, North Carolina, photographer Ian Riley (and new chubby bunny champion!) photographed Barnstable Sea Farms, an oyster farm, in Barnstable, MA. Literally stuck in a mud flat for hours one day (no joke) and up to his chin in water the next (again, no joke!), Ian always maintained a positive attitude, curious about how one grows oysters (it takes two years!) and using his camera as a tool to ask questions and learn.

Barnstable Sea Farms from emilie inc. on Vimeo.

Boston photographer Emily Sterne photographed at the Barnstable Senior Center in Barnstable, MA, where, as one might expect, things moved quite slowly. There were scheduled classes, sure, but not a whole lot of busy activity. So Emily learned to practice patience, and was determined to- as we say in the biz- make something out of nothing. And indeed she did!

Barnstable Senior Center from emilie inc. on Vimeo.

Michigan photographer Jen Badalamenti photographed at Four Seas Ice Cream in Centerville, MA, our staple assignment since our first year. Jen brought a fresh approach to it, however, focusing on the relationships among the staff- all carefully recruited honor high school students who typically return year after year, much like their loyal clientele. Jen scored a seat to the workshop at the very last minute when someone else had a family emergency and needed to cancel. We were all so lucky you could be there, Jen!

Four Seas Ice Cream from emilie inc. on Vimeo.

Boston photographer Erica Pelaccia photographed at the YMCA Camp Lyndon in Sandwich, MA, an overwhelming mass of children at play. Erica cleared the clutter and narrowed her focus on one of the campers in particular, the daughter of one of the staffers. The end result is a sweet portrait of a child whose kind personality was captured brilliantly (and made her mom cry when she saw the photos!).

YMCA Camp Lyndon from emilie inc. on Vimeo.

And last but not least, Atlanta photographer Robin Shetler photographed the Cape Cod Railroad. Riding between Hyannis and the Cape Cod canal a few times a day, Robin captured the delight of children on the scenic train and did whatever she needed to get the shot- even if it meant meeting leeches in murky water. Go Robin!

Cape Cod Railroad from emilie inc. on Vimeo.

Wow. Roots Workshop Class of 2010, I am enormously proud of this body of work you produced!!

Next up, a slideshow from workshop photographer Eric's perspective of the students on assignment and a final recap post.


  1. Great work everyone!

    So fun to see a different angle on Camp Lyndon!

    I'm sure Jen became everyone's best friend too with good old Four Seasons!

    Time to put it all into practice, keep 'Wirken' it and every time you go out to shoot, remember all that was learned.

    For me the best part has been the last year. Still a learning experience.

  2. I finally had a chance to sit down and watch this compilation, and the raw emotion that these photographers captured truly brought me to tears.

    Photographers- your images have captured my heart!

    Emilie- never underestimate the value of this transformational experience for your peers!


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