* Zandy and Chris marry in Lovell, Maine


emilie inc. photographer: J Sandifer
luncheon: Center Lovell Inn Center Lovell, Maine
ceremony: family house on Kezar Lake
officiant: Bride's uncle
reception: Pleasant Point Inn Center Lovell
caterer: Aurora Provisions Portland
cake: Bride's mother
make-up: friend
invitations: Sarah Parrott Parrott Design Studio
honeymoon: Maine

An hour and a half northwest of Portland is Kezar Lake, a quaint lake known for its camps and deep roots, the most notable property owner being Stephen King. Zandy grew up going to this lake and each year her family has a weeklong reunion. The reunion this year was centered around Zandy and Chris' wedding on the property her father built. Now deceased, Zandy's fathers ashes are buried there as the house was his favorite place and therefore makes this location that much more meaningful for Zandy and Chris to have been married there.

How they met, in Zandy's words:
We met through a close mutual friend at a small potluck in Lander, WY. I thought that he was smart and interesting and seemed to have a lot of passion for the world. I tried to get to know him more over the next few days (this included engaging him in conversations on the area's best running routes, when I already knew the information). Unfortunately, he didn't really seem to pick up on my interest. I was leaving soon to instruct a 30-day wilderness course in the mountains, and my friend (the one who introduced us) convinced me to write him an email telling him that I was interested. So, I did, and he surprised me at a re-ration (a scheduled time on the course when we receive new food) by sending me brownies and a sweet note asking me on a date! Sending brownies to someone who is in the mountains for the month is always a good way to secure a date, and obviously I was thrilled.

We were so comfortable with each other right from the start, that even though I was going to teach at a school in the Bahamas for the next year, we decided to continue our relationship after only dating for about 2 weeks. I'm sure a lot of folks thought we were crazy, but we both had a sense that it could be very special. We learned a lot about each other in that next year, and then I moved to Wyoming and several months later we moved in together. Almost three years after meeting, Chris proposed to me in the bottom of a beautiful canyon in Utah, at dusk. We feel so lucky to have found each other and can't wait to continue our adventure together.

Adorable, right? J felt the same way after spending the day with these two and their 45 VIP's. Easy and relaxed, their day started with a luncheon, moved to the lake house for a quick rehearsal and lounging, then the ceremony and concluded with a dinner at an inn within walking distance. He also came home and declared he would like a summer cottage on Kezar Lake, too.

Enjoy their album and a few highlights from the day below.


Practice smooch at the rehearsal, and some swimming before the ceremony.

Love the mismatched guests chairs.


We loved that you didn't have a schedule, that Chris wore jeans and you red sandals, Zandy, and I'm just smitten with those mismatched ceremony chairs. Congratulations to you both, and best wishes as you travel back home to Wyoming.

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