* Jaime and AJ marry at the Pot & Kettle in Bar Harbor, Maine


emilie inc. photographers: Emilie and J
emilie inc. multimedia: Morgan
photo booth: Maine Snapshot Studio

venue: Pot and Kettle; Bar Harbor, Maine
officiant: Sharon Bearor
caterer: Susie Laidlow Chi Chi Chef
florist: Chelsey Dunham Queen Anne's Flowers
music: Brick Park Boston
cake: Janice Strout, Celebration Cakes
make-up: Annette Sousa
hair: Christine Boganna; Shine Hair Salon, Portsmouth, NH
tent: Wallace Tent
dress: Vineyard Collection at Kleinfeld New York, NY
invitations: The Green Kangaroo
honeymoon: Nantucket

Jaime and AJ are two cool cats. They live on an island in Maine in the summer and winter on a boat in Florida. They have a following of loyal friends from near and far who adore them fiercely and know how to have a good time. And when Hurricane Earl came cruising up the coast, causing their boats and docks to be pulled in just days before they were to host their island I Do's, no sweat, they said, and found a venue within a week's notice on shore. No one seemed to bat an eye or lament over the change in plans. Cool as cucumbers, these two are, no?

How they met, in their own words:
It began in the summer of 1999, AJ and the boys were cruising around Bar Harbor checking the scene for friends and "summer girls." At this same time Jaime and her girlfriend cruised Bar Harbor checking the scene for "summer boys." Well she found a local one... One passing glance turned into a game of catching up with the other and when they finally met up on the town pier, AJ peered out of the side of his SUV down at Jaime in her red sports car and said hello. They went in their different directions and disappeared into the night without even getting each other's names. However Jaime would never forget the silver SUV with the Maine license play "R-Baron."

The summer passed by with each setting sunset and the leaves began to turn into autumn gold colors. It was clear to AJ that the summer had passed and his final year at Roger Williams University was fast approaching. The past three years seemed like a blur and he was anxious to graduate and head out into the financial world. The thought of the girl in the red sports car danced in his head and wondered why he had never seen her again.

After a few short days back on Roger Williams University campus AJ drove down to the student union to purchase the necessary books for classes. Shopping turned into an hour or more of hanging with friends and catching up on the summer. Unbeknownst to AJ, the girl in the red sports car was writing a note to leave on his windshield. AJ strolled out of the union with books in tow and saw the piece of paper on the windshield, not giving it much thought until he opened it and began to read it: "Hey R-Baron, do you remember the girl in the red sports car? Give me a call!" The words filled his mind with amazement and excitement. No way! Does she go to RWU too?! That night he called her...

Chills, right? I love their story!!

View their album design and a taste of our favorite images from the day below:

Crazy that it's all over, Jaime and AJ! We miss you already and look forward to sneaking out to your island next summer. Wishing you nothing but the best. Stay in touch! xo

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