* Ashley and Jon marry in Portland and celebrate on Peaks Island


emilie inc. photographers: Emilie and Sharon
ceremony: Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Portland, Maine
officiant: Father Lou Phillips
reception venue: Inn on Peaks Peaks Island, Maine
florist: Fleur de Lis South Portland, Maine
band: Tony Boffa Band
cake: Kristin Simmons, Sweet Essentials; Kennebunkport, Maine
make-up: Ginger Coggin
hair: Fabu Salon Portland, Maine
transportation: Ogunquit Trolley Company and Casco Bay Lines ferry
gown: Justin Alexander, Filene's Basement Running of the Brides
paper: friend Colleen Boyle, J Papers; Greenwich, CT
mini-moon: Las Vegas

Kind and warm, I fell in love with Ashley and Jon when we met for their engagement session in Portland last year. Their wedding was a highlight on my schedule for the season and, goodness, was it a pretty one. The day consisted of many locations... hotel, cathedral, Fort Williams, a ferry to Peaks Island and a reception at the Inn on Peaks. Each part of the day a sweet chapter in the culmination of an extraordinary celebration for these two special people (and even a visit from the fire department at their reception!).

How they met, in Ashley's words:
Jon and I met in the winter of 2006. I was at my first “real’ job after college as an admissions counselor at Wentworth Institute of Technology. My cubicle mate at that time, Adam, has been a close friend of Jon’s since middle school. He often mentioned his good friend, Jon, and we met for the first time at a movie with a group of friends. We saw each other socially over the coming months, out with my friends from work, and by the end of the evening we usually ended up talking by ourselves off in a corner. Through these conversations we learned we had a lot in common and it always seemed as though we had known each other forever. We remained friendly over the summer, continuing to see each other out with a group of friends. Jon would have Adam call me to try to get me to come out with them, but I usually had plans and never caught on to the fact that it was Jon who wanted me to come out. Meanwhile, after several nights out with the group and no date request from Jon, I had given up on the whole idea that we would get together and figured it was not meant to be. That was until later that summer, just as Jon was starting dental school, and we were both out with friends at a movie-again, and when it was over we had drinks at a local bar, and Jon asked me out, to which I responded “like, to dinner?” Well, we went on our first date in the North End of Boston in August 2006, after which, Jon says he already knew he would marry me. We have had numerous special dinners since and continue to go out with the same group of friends with whom it all started. It has been a crazy four years, with both of us in school at some point, mixing in life’s unexpected ups and downs. Through everything we continue to realize each day how lucky we are to have found a perfect partner in each other.

And why they decided to marry in Maine:
Jon was born in Portland and his entire family are “Mainers.” Although he moved away from Maine when he was two years old, it was where he went home for holidays and he spent every summer at his grandparents’ camp in Oakland, which now his parents’. I grew up in New Jersey, but my family moved to New England when I left for college. I have always loved New England (growing up coming to Cape Cod each August), and did not have any other sense of “home” that I would want to get married at. We travel up to Maine most weekends in the summer, and still spend the holidays there as well. Over the past few years, it has become a sense of home to me, and my time with Jon and his family in Maine have been some of my fondest memories. It has become a place where my family can now visit also, spending long weekends all together with both families at “camp.”

Jon and I both love Fall in New England. It is our favorite season for many reasons and we always knew we wanted to get married in the autumn months, bringing friends and family to New England during a beautiful and peaceful time. We searched for a while to find the perfect location that would highlight the beauty of New England in fall, but was also close enough to the ocean that we both love. We decided on Portland because we thought it brought the best of it all together. Our guests will get to experience a quintessential New England city that sits right on the coast on Casco Bay. We are also excited that more than half of our guests have never been to Maine and we get to bring them to a place special to us that we hope they can explore and appreciate as we do. In our long term life plan we see ourselves settling in the Portland area, which is another reason we are excited to bring family and friends there to share in our wedding celebration.

Having our ceremony on the mainland and the reception on Peaks Island logistically was a bit overwhelming at first, but we are both very excited to have both places and components be part of the day. The ceremony will be held at the Cathedral in Portland, since getting married in the Catholic Church was something very important to both of us. The first time I walked into the Cathedral it reminded me immediately of St. Thomas of Villanova Church on Villanova University’s campus, where I went to undergrad. It was a very special place to me and getting that “feeling” within the Cathedral I knew it was a perfect place for us to get married. It was actually through Emilie’s blog that we first discovered the Inn on Peaks as a potential venue for our reception. Jon thought it “felt like us” and encouraged me to think that we could in fact transport all our guests from the Portland Harbor via ferry over to the Island and give them a true New England experience. We are incorporating special touches of both New England and Autumn into our reception d├ęcor, hoping to tie the reasons we wanted to have our September wedding in Maine all together.

Enjoy their album and a few of our favorite images from the day below.

Lots of love to you both. We are most definitely looking forward to seeing you both again, and soon. Congratulations! xo


  1. Ashley Freiberger Shinay1:23 PM

    They are incredible-even better than we had imagined the images from our day would be-and such kind words, many thanks Emilie and Sharon for everything!

  2. Absolutely STUNNING photographs!! You completely captured the joy and fun of the day -- and of course of Jonathan and Ashley!

  3. Beautiful work. I love the bride's lipstick and the groom's shoe tying shots. And the laughing toast...and the hands in a knot, just so lovely!

  4. Does anyone know where those buoys came from that were used for the escort cards? I am OBSESSED with them!!

  5. Hi Christine!

    I asked Ashley and Jon and they got those at Christmas Tree Shops! What a find!


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