* Liana and Michael marry in the Berkshires


emilie inc. photographers: Emilie and J
emilie inc. multimedia: Morgan and Zach
photo booth: Maine Snapshot Studio
rehearsal dinner location: Stoneover Farm Lenox, MA
wedding venue: Inn at Richmond Richmond, MA
coordinator: Dan Mathieu Max Ultimate Food Boston
day of coordinator: Melanie Owens Inspired Events Boston
caterer: Max Ultimate Food
florist: SoMa Flowers; Richmond, MA
dj: Braun Duggan, The Bladerunners
cake: Max Ultimate Foods
hair/make-up: Lauren Genatossio, Sarra Studio Boston
dress: Love by Richard Chai reworked by Emmy Muller
invite: Jessica Sutton Graphic Design
honeymoon: London, Geneva, Paris, the Seychelles

Liana and Michael's vision for their wedding was something I have never seen before... held at an equestrian center in the middle of the stunning Berkshires in the fall, their wedding was rustic chic (as described by Liana: denim, diamonds, derbys & derringers. Think Ralph Lauren, country like woodsy, not country western). From the hay-covered tree-lined lane where they exchanged vows surrounded by family perched atop bleachers with blankets and apples, to the transformed equestrian show center for dinner and dancing, no detail was overlooked. In the barn, the custom made wooden floor will become a barn on the couple's nearby cabin (their primary residence is Boston). Trees lining the dance floor, which are gifts from the guests, will be planted on their land. The 60' long custom made bar, the bridal table that sat 60... and on and on. It was magnificent eye candy!

How they met, in their own words:
It was winter 2002, Michael was between jobs and working at the Adidas store in Soho, where Liana's best friends at the time also worked. Liana was in the store all the time (she lived down the street). They first met as Liana went to pick up her friend to go to a show. While the staff talked amongst themselves, Michael introduced himself to Liana, asking why she was in the store. They realized they were going to the same show that night (DJ Shadow). Long story short, Michael missed the show.

Fast forward a month later. There was a joke that the Adidas store was Liana's fan club, to which Michael requested a fan club be started in his honor. As he went around the staff, asking who would join his club (everyone denied him), he came to Liana, who volunteered to be the President. Michael fired off "Will you marry me?" (yes) and "You know you'll have to convert?" (OK). He then did a little break dance, grabbed Liana by the arm and began to plan their Adidas-themed wedding. She would wear an all-white track suit with shell toes with Swarovski crystal stripes and he would wear the black leather Run DMC track suit. Co-workers were assigned roles and as the two strangers walked down the center aisle of the store, Michael pulls the only game he's ever had, "Now that we're getting married, I have to take you out on a date to see what I'm getting myself into." It only took close to 8 years to actually walk down the aisle.

Between then and now, Michael and Liana got a dog, moved throughout lower Manhattan, and Liana graduated college. In 2005, Michael moved to Dallas, TX for work. They broke up, Michael adopted a cat (Grissom) and eventually realized how much he missed Liana. She refused to move to Dallas but eventually agreed to move to Boston, where Michael grew up. She packed her bags in 2006, and the two have lived there ever since, opening (& unfortunately closing) The Achilles Project - a concept retail/restaurant space, purchasing & renovating a cabin in the Berkshires, having numerous house guests and finally getting engaged in October 2009.

There's a lot of debauchery, false breakups and fairy tale makeups, sneakers (Michael has over 400 pairs, Liana - only 10% of that, which is still a lot), endless laughter, an XBox 360 in every room they've ever had with a TV in it, and an incredible family and group of friends that all play a huge part in this story.

Below I give you a preview of their celebration in images. Morgan and Zach's film to follow shortly.

Mulled apple cider.

Michael's parents escort him down the lane.

Michael's father's toast, they felt, was lengthy. So they all sat on the dance floor. :)

Liana and Michael, we looked forward to this wedding all season. And for good reason! It was such a splendid weekend and we loved every minute (even the rehearsal in the pouring down rain!). Wishing you both endless happiness and will look forward to updates on your barn and wedding grove next spring!


  1. The shot of them on the dance floor just made my heart ache. That is a beautiful shot that they'll treasure forever. I wish I had that shot! Its so amazing!

  2. I've been looking forward to seeing these shots as well!! Congrats to Liana and Michael:). Looks like it was a pretty spectacular weekend!

  3. Oh my goodness, you must have been like a kid in a candy shop with this wedding--beauty and style in every direction! You did an amazing job capturing that beauty...I especially love the off-center portrait of the bride, the groom's joyous walk down the aisle, the MARVELOUS kiss shot, and the car shots. Oh and the hallway b&w is killer! Just beautiful....

  4. Um, loving this Ralph Lauren idea. LOVE LOVE LOVE the plaid and somehow it wasn't too much...easy to go overboard with it but it was just perfect. Love their story too! I want to see more details, though...might have to watch this slideshow.


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