Pink Initiative partners with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute


Last year, Pink Initiative- a non-profit comprised of wedding vendors raising funds for breast cancer that I started in 2008- donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This year, we opted for an action donation day, sponsoring a mobile mammography day with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

What is that, you might ask?

Dana-Farber’s Mammography Van provides screening mammograms and breast health education to women 40 years of age and older, regardless of ability to pay. Although any woman who is medically eligible is welcome on the van, priority populations include women who are uninsured, low-income, elderly, immigrant, and non-English speaking.

Skilled, board-certified mammography technologists from Dana-Farber perform the exams and films are interpreted by board-certified radiologists with extensive experience dedicated to mammography. By bringing Dana-Farber’s high quality services directly to the neighborhoods in which women live and work, the van breaks down cultural, linguistic, financial, and logistical barriers to care and makes mammograms more accessible to those least likely to obtain one.

The van sees patients speaking more than 40 different languages and has provided more than 25,000 mammograms since the program’s inception in May 2002.

We are so proud to have partnered with Dana-Farber on this event and thank you all for your support and contributions to make this possible. We gifted 42 mammograms to women who otherwise wouldn't have had the opportunity!!

I stopped by the van, parked at the Martha Elliot Health Center in Jamaica Plain, to catch a glimpse of the process. The photographer in me was eager to document, but out of respect for the womens' privacy I just took a few snapshots to share with you.

Van technicians Donna (left), Brenda (right) and Wendy (center), greeter. My mom, who made the trip down with me, and I were speechless when Donna introduced herself to us. My mom's best friend, and the inspiration behind Pink Initiative's start, was named Donna.

Inside the van, the check-in area.

The exam area.

And a mug of me in front of our banner. Such a proud day!


  1. This is so exciting! We are all so proud!

  2. Anonymous4:24 PM

    A VERY PROUD and wonderful day!
    Love, Mom xoxoxoxo

  3. Congrats, Em! I haven't forgotten about creating some letterpress goodies for PI. Promise to get on that. Thanks for being so inspiring! xoxo


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