* Carrie and Matt marry at Clark's Cove Farm in Walpole, Maine


emilie inc. photographers: Emilie and Denise
photo booth: Maine Snapshot Studio
preparations: Sheepscot Harbour Village and Resort Edgecomb, Maine
wedding venue: Clark's Cove Farm Walpole, Maine
caterer: Sarah Maurer Stone Cove Catering
florist: Denise Demeter Boothbay Region Greenhouses
dj: Dan Giroux Dan Giroux Entertainment
cake: Sticky Fingers Waldoboro, Maine
make-up: Joanne McDonough Joya Beauty
hair: Lena Hartford Hair That Moves
tent: One Stop Party Shoppe South Portland, Maine
gown: Robert Bullock at Madeleine's Daughter Portsmouth, NH
invitations: Wedding Paper Divas
honeymoon: Bar Harbor, Maine

Carrie and Matt rock. Truly. Even their welcome bags and place cards at their wedding said so. And everyone I talked to that day would agree. They met in college, currently reside in South Portland (with their lab Emma), she's a nurse practitioner for Mercy Hospital's Gorham office and he's a psych resident at Maine Med. Brains, anyone?

Tho clouds threatened their ceremony and it was most definitely brisk, these two continued with their outside wedding plans, simply moving their ceremony location from Clark's Cove Farm's apple orchard to closer to the tent (and warmth!). Their fun energy had us in hysterics all day and I'm just so happy they live in town so that we can continue to bump into each other.

How they met, by Carrie:
We did not meet well. In fact, Matt ("Rugg") was on the top of my "most annoying person at Hamilton College" list for about 1.5 months before we actually had a meaningful conversation.

This was all because Rugg ruined my chemistry experiment on the first day of general chemistry lab in the fall of 2001. It was a memorable day for me, particularly because I had to suffer in the lab--solo--as I re-executed my experiment. Rugg on the other hand has little recollection of the event, particularly because he ruined my experiment at such lightening speed, there isn't even much of a moment in time to remember.

I finally approached Rugg in lab about 6 weeks after "the incident." I wanted to borrow his calculator, and his brain, but he would only give me the calculator. I later learned that I could rent his brain weekly for a small fee--a chocolate chocolate chip muffin, and some Swedish fish.

Once I realized Matt was uber smart in chemistry, we started studying together, and the rest is history!

How they met, by Matt:
My first run-in with Carrie, whom I knew then and now as "Stewie," was in the back of the Gen Chem lab. I accidentally wiped her chemistry experiment away! It was a bad way to become acquainted with each other, but it did bring us together--as good friends.

After I got to know her, it was obvious to me what a fun-loving, outgoing, buoyant personality Carrie had. She was the type always ready for an adventure, who could always be counted on to talk to about troubles and share good news. Her sense of humor and quirkiness were the stuff of my fondest memories in school.

Our friendship took on a new dimension after we went in different directions after graduation. But we still kept in touch, and our lives eventually intersected again. It would take plenty of time for me to realize that the person I wanted to spend my life with was someone I had known longer than most anyone, but once I did, there was no turning back. The rest is history!

Check out their album and our favorite images from the day below:

Everyone readied in the cottages at Sheepscot Harbour. You know, the buildings dotting the shore just after you get over the bridge (and through the Red's Eats traffic) from Wiscasset? Bright and beau-ti-ful, if you're looking for a good spot for your bridal party's preparations.

Boots were at the ready, but fortunately we didn't need them.

Carrie and Matt had a first look on the super long dock at Sheepscot.

And then it was on to the farm for the main event.

Carrie's two brothers walked her up the aisle.

We had to work in the orange socks. :)

Toasting sweetness.

Carrie and Matt, oh!, what a way to end my regular wedding season! Loved it. Thank you for having Denise and I there to capture all the love. Wish you both the best and can't wait to see you again soon! xo


  1. Ha, ha! Love the look on his face when he sees her!

  2. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Hi to our wicked awesome and talented female photographers!!
    We adore our photos! They are amazing and bring us right back to that glorious day!! We had such a grand time with you both!!
    Thank you oodles and boodles!
    Now. . .how to choose?! They are all so beautiful!
    <3, Carrie and Matt :)

  3. love the dock shot and the veil shot, both gave me goosebumps!


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