* Audra and Matt marry in Scarborough and celebrate at Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine


emilie inc. photographers: Emilie, J and Whitney
ceremony: Blue Point Congregational Church Scarborough, Maine
officiant: Dr. Rev. Carol Kerr
reception: Bayside Bowl Portland, Maine
caterer: Louis Simms, Bayside Bowl
tintype artist: Cole Caswell and Jessica George Wearex Peaks Island, Maine
florist: Judy Bourgeois Flora Fauna
dj: Mike Mahoney M&M Entertainment
cake: Jessica Parrott-Robitaille Nothing Bakes Like a Parrot
dessert table: Two Fat Cats Bakery Portland, Maine
transportation: Kennebunkporter
favors: homemade ketchup
gown: Andrea's Bridal Portland, Maine
hair: Bei Capelli Scarborough, Maine
invitations: DIY design, letterpressed by Dunstan Press Scarborough, Maine
honeymoon: Walt Disney World

Audra has a personality that can light up a room. No joke. She's the epitome of that phrase. Recently she attended a photographers networking group, tossing her scarf aside and declaring "I have arrived" when she entered the room and no one turned a nose at her. That's just Audra. She's fun and speaks her mind and laughs loudly, and have I mentioned she also has Roots Workshop Chubby Bunny champion on her life's list of achievements?

Roots is precisely how I met Audra, or rather how Matt introduced me to Audra, two years ago. I received an email from Matt, telling me that he thought his girlfriend should really come to Roots but that she was too shy to do the initial legwork so he was taking it upon himself to find out more (Audra? Too shy? Ha!). Audra, a wedding photographer in town who I had yet to meet, stopped by the studio not long after to talk workshop details, and after an unexpected shared sniffle over the loss of her dog, we were insta-friends. She did indeed attend Roots that year, and came back for a second helping last summer. This coming July she'll return as the workshop cook! She loves the experience nearly as much as I do, and I'm very grateful to her hubby Matt for setting us up.

Deeper than our shared love affair for Roots is an effortless friendship I adore. I loved watching Audra and Matt's relationship evolve, the anticipation of the proposal and the excitement of the wedding plans. And goodness, was I honored when she asked me to photograph the nuptials. A little nervous that photographing a wedding eight months pregnant might be a challenging feat, I enlisted J and Whitney to come along just in case. Turns out it wasn't an issue, but an all-around fun-filled celebration with 50 of Audra and Matt's closest friends and family at their local church and non-traditional reception at Bayside Bowl, Portland's swanky retro bowling alley.

After bowling, friends headed up north to a castle-like retreat at Sunday River, SkiEsta, for the weekend to continue the fun. Being so close to our moving date the week following, J and I reveled in the chance to put down our cameras and relax with their fantastic friends and the stunning surroundings. And have I mentioned the food? Audra and Matt have a very sophisticated palette and treated us all to some very yummy meals!

How they met, in Audra's words:

Matt and I met at work in the fall of 2007. We had both just gotten out of relationships. I was definitely interested in Matt, but each time I went to talk to him, he wouldn't look me in the eye! A mutual friend told me we were perfect for each other but since he wouldn't look at me I was not convinced. Not long after we began chatting Matt left for a three week trip to India. I found myself thinking of him while he was away. When he returned he invited me to see the images he took on his trip. Thing started slowly from there - it was still another month before he asked me out! But once he asked me to look at his India images I knew there was a spark on both sides:)

On to the photos! Enjoy their album and a few images below!

Matt makes amazing homemade English muffins.

They chose candy accents as part of their wedding theme.

Sweet table details and thumbprint guest book, right.

Homemade ketchup with tomatoes from their garden were the guest favors.

A tin type artist captured the guests outside.

With the formalities taken care of, it was time to bowl!

We went back to where it all began, the park on North Street overlooking the city where Matt proposed.

SO happy for you, Audra and Matt!! Thank you for allowing us to be such a special part of your day. We love you both to bits and are so grateful to have you in our lives. Happiness always! xox


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!

  2. The image of her driving is too funny! And her cardigan is precious; one of my favorite accessory trends. (Well actually, I think the "trend" is here to stay)

  3. Audra Bayette9:50 AM

    Em, J and Whitney!

    We love love love the images - thank you so much for being there for us on the big day - we couldn't have asked for better friends or photographers:)

    audra and matt!


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