Moving, Part 2


Following the decision to close the studio space in Portland in October, we put our South Portland house on the market and sold it in just two weeks time! After a real estate hunt that took us from Freeport to Kennebunkport and everywhere in between, we have happily landed in Cumberland Foreside in a spacious contemporary home nestled in the woods near the water, good schools and with plenty of room to accommodate the emilie inc. office and meeting space. Just 10 minutes north of Portland, we truly feel lucky with how everything fell into place (we closed on both houses on the same day!) and look forward to sharing photos of the new space soon (painting is done, new lighting and wall art goes up this week). Better yet, come visit!


  1. Hi,

    I've been a big fan for quite a while now. I love this picture for some reason... I know it's just the back of your car but it really pops. Just interested in the tech details like what camera and lens you used & what post you did. ALSO I'm just starting up a new livebooks site and am very excited. I remembered from one of your posts ages ago that you could give a 15% discount. I've just looked back at the post and I remembered correctly! Strange memory! Anyway would love to grab a code if the offer was still there.



  2. Just sent you an email Fion...

  3. both on the same day? What fortune! Congrats!


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